Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1 Kings 7 & 2 Chronicles 4: Boaz and Jachin

1 Kings 7:21
Amplified Bible (AMP)

Hiram set up the pillars of the porch of the temple; he set up the right pillar and called its name Jachin [he will establish], and he set up the left pillar and called its name Boaz [in strength].

It is interesting that the two pillars decorating the entrance to the first temple actually were named by Hiram, the chief architect and engineer. There has been thoughts as to the masonic influences of these pillars, which can be found written throughout various occult literature.

I choose to see the prophetic implications in the names of these impressive structures.

"The word JACHIN, in Hebrew, probably pronounced Ya-kayan, and meant, as a verbal noun, He that strengthens; and thence, firm, stable, upright.

The word Boaz is Baaz which means Strong, Strength, Power, Might, Refuge, Source of Strength, a Fort. The prefix means 'with' or 'in,' and gives the word the force of the Latin gerund, roborando–Strengthening The former word also means he will establish, or plant in an erect position–from the verb Kun, he stood erect. It probably meant Active and Vivifying Energy and Force; and Boaz, Stability, Permanence, in the passive sense."
(The Secret of Solomon's Pillars)

The temple dreamed of by King David and constructed by King Solomon belongs to God!  He is the One Who establishes in firm stability and uprightness.  His strength empowers and His power and might are our Refuge!  He is the pillar that holds us up, our Support in times of trouble and the Joy that renews us!  In my heart, the pillars are representative of Him, all that He is and all that He does!!!

Thank You, Lord, for being the Pillar in my life.  All blessing and honor, power and glory, forever to my God!!!!

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