Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Beautiful Valley: Autumn

These pictures were taken from a local mountain overlooking the beautiful valley in which I live. It was the peak of the season's brilliant colors last weekend, and I wanted to capture the awesome handiwork of God. Unfortunately, it was overcast and rainy causing the valley below to be rather muted in color.

You can see more mountains in the distance all part of the famous Appalachian Mountains chain. Look closely and you will see the river that runs through my valley.

On clear days the patchwork of farm fields and towns variegate the landscape. I hope to be able to capture my valley in each season.

Thank You, Jesus, for displaying your glory through nature! I am grateful to be a witness to Your awesome magnificence!!!!

Always, Yours
Beautiful Grace

1 comment:

Crown of Beauty said...

What lovely pictures you have taken, dearest BG...

Fall is my favorite season.

Thank you for sharing.

I have thought often of you these past days.