Friday, June 8, 2012

Deuteronomy 14-17: A Call to Intercesssion

Deuteronomy 14:1 & 2
Amplified Bible (AMP)

“YOU ARE the sons of the Lord your God; you shall not cut yourselves or make any baldness on your foreheads for the dead, For you are a holy people [set apart] to the Lord your God; and the Lord has chosen you to be a peculiar people to Himself, above all the nations on the earth.”

Matthew Henry’s Commentary

“In their mourning: You shall not cut yourselves, Deuteronomy 14:1. This forbids (as some think), not only their cutting themselves at their funerals, either to express their grief or with their own blood to appease the infernal deities, but their wounding and mangling themselves in the worship of their gods, as Baal’s prophets did (1Kings 18:28), or their marking themselves by incisions in their flesh for such and such deities, which in them, above any, would be an inexcusable crime, who in the sign of circumcision bore about with them in their bodies the marks of the Lord Jehovah. So that, They are forbidden to deform or hurt their own bodies upon any account. Methinks this is like a parent’s change to his little children, that are foolish, careless, and wilful, and are apt to play with knives: Children, you shall not cut yourselves. This is the intention of those commands which oblige us to deny ourselves; the true meaning of them, if we understood them aright, would appear to be, Do yourselves no harm. And this also is the design of those providences which most cross us, to remove from us those things by which we are in danger of doing ourselves harm. Knives are taken from us, lest we should cut ourselves. Those that are dedicated to God as a holy people must do nothing to disfigure themselves; the body is for the Lord, and is to be used accordingly.”

Can you imagine a person so tormented and mournful that they willingly cut themselves? Self injurious behavior is one of the manifestations of people who are mentally broken. In my job (my ministry), I frequently see patients, usually beautiful adolescent girls, who hurt so deeply inside that they resort to inflicting pain on themselves through self-mutilation.

I would advise caution in viewing this site. Pray first, then continue if the Lord says so. Sometimes an image will stir up compassionate prayer.

Medical researchers have various thoughts on why a person would choose to harm themselves. (1). These people want to control the pain they feel. Oftentimes these young ones have been abused in horrific ways, and they respond by self injury. They will be the master of their own hurt. This is not usually a conscious thought process in the beginning. (2). The pain and the flow of blood release feel go chemicals into the brain called endorphins. A girl once confided in me that “the more I bleed, the better I feel.” (3). Sometimes these dear young ones loathe themselves so greatly that they feel they must punish themselves for any and all infractions.

Satan means to destroy these young lives, but God sends His friends to speak life and healing to them. I am privileged to be one who is called to speak life to these kids. This self-mutilation spirit can not stand in the Presence of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, AMEN!!!

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