Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Psalm 119: Psalm of Beautiful Grace

Psalm of Beautiful Grace
Written after reading Psalm 119.
12/15/01 4:00 am

Teach me Your commandments,
That I might not sin against You.
Give me Your understanding,
That I may keep Your whole word.

I cry out to You with my soul- to You, my God.
For You alone can save me.
You are my Portion.
You are my Provider.

Your mercy endures forever,
And Your loving-kindness is poured out to me.
You are the Treasure that I seek.

I have sought for You my whole life!
I searched for You, before I even knew You.
My soul remembered the day of my creation,
The day Your awesome hand fashioned me
In my mother’s womb.

My spirit rejoices in the day of my salvation,
That day long ago.
You did not leave me in my tears.
You did not forsake me in my sins.

You provided a way for me, a path on which to walk.
Your Holy Spirit has led me in Your ways.
Strengthen me by Your Spirit,
That I would always obey Your commands.
For You delight in obedience, more than sacrifices.

Teach me to walk in Your ways, forevermore.
I will be pleasing to You all the days of my life.
Your salvation is never ending,
And my reward is eternity with You.

Let me sit at Your feet and worship You, my King.
Allow me to anoint You with my tears.
Your love is sweet, it touches my soul,
My spirit rejoices in Your touch.

You call me as a lover calls His beloved
With gentle cords and a soft voice.
Teach me Your love; Whisper Your heart.
Impart to me the ways that will touch Your heart.

Your eyes search.
Search for me, my Lord!
Let them rest on Your servant.

Your eyes are flaming; They are fire.
They pierce through the facade of men.
They view the heart.
Your eyes melt me!

Where can I go to hide from you?
Why would I ever want to hide from my strength,
My fortress?
For when I fall, You pick me up.
When I transgress, You wipe me clean.

All things are possible with You, my Abba.
You have the power to make all my ways straight.
Let me always rely on You.

My children will bless You, because of my ways.
Let Your holy name be praised!

You are perfect- the consummation of perfection.
Let Your perfection consume me.
Let Your ways bring me peace.

My enemies try to turn me from You,
But they will not succeed,
For I am in the palm of my Creator’s hand,
And no one may snatch me from You.

Strengthen me with Your love.
Let your Holy Fire burn in me.
Let me never put You to shame.
I’m after Your heart!

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