Thursday, October 30, 2008

This One's For Scarlett: The Wonders of Kingdom Protista

Because God created a multitude of living things, scientists have devised a way of grouping them by similar characteristics. The classification scheme most widely used today is the Five-Kingdom System, which includes the Kingdoms...Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia.

If you remember my post, "Didn't Your Mom Tell You to Wash Your Hands?," you learned about the organisms (the fancy term for living things) in Kingdom Monera. Today, I want to share the glory of God through His creations in Kingdom Protista.

Kingdom Protista, with its numerous and diverse life forms, are split into to Sub kingdoms...Algae and Protozoa. The organisms in Sub kingdom Algae are more like plants (yet, not really plants) and the organisms in Sub kingdom Protozoa are more like animals (yet, not really animals).

The picture below was taken by me with that cool microscope, while I was looking at a drop of pond water.

My opinion is that the strand we are looking at is an example of an organism from Sub kingdom Algae from the Phylum Chlorophyta (a phylum is a smaller grouping of organisms with similar characteristics).

The clear square shaped objects may be examples of organisms known as diatoms, Sub kingdom Algae, Phylum Chrysophyta. Diatoms are responsible for the majority of oxygen in our atmosphere, not trees and other plants as most people think. Another interesting fact about diatoms is that their cell walls (the outside covering of the cell) are made of silicon dioxide, a principle component of glass. The bodies of diatoms stay around long after the actual organisms have died. Large deposits of diatom remains make up what is called diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth, among other things, is used as an abrasive in toothpaste!!! Think of that the next time you brush your teeth!!!!

The upper left corner shows a oval-shaped organism that I believe to be a paramecium...Sub kingdom Protozoa from the Phylum Ciliophora. This guy likes to eat algae, so my bet is that he's heading for lunch in the picture. He moves by hairlike extensions called cilia encircling his single-celled body. You really can't see them in this picture because they are clear and very small.

The next picture shows a prepared slide of Paramecia (plural of paramecium). Notice the pretty colors? That's not natural; these little guys were dyed so we could see them better. Notice the dark areas inside their bodies. They are organelles ("little organs") which help the cell performs the tasks needed in order to live.
This picture shows a paramecium that I saw with the "cool microscope." Several years ago, while teaching biology at Home Scholars, our class saw a paramecium eating algae. It was extremely cool!! We actually could see the green algae being swept into the oral grove (kind of like its mouth) of the paramecium. As it entered the body of the creature, we could still see the green algae as it moved throughout the animal-like cell. My students didn't want to leave when the class period was over; seeing God's creation do what it was created to do was AMAZING!!!! That should spark us to do and be who Jesus created us to be, because it glorifies Him!!!!

The next picture shows another example of algae.

The more we learn through science, the more we can actually see the glory of God through His Creation!!!!! That's why I'm a "Science Gal."

All photos are original.
You have permission to use them,
if you provide a link back to my site.
Also, please be aware that I am not a trained microbiologist.
The interpretations of the pictures listed
are the opinions of "Science Gal"
who holds a nursing degree, not a biology degree!
Thank you!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Divine Connection

Last night many women of God encountered their Bridegroom, Jesus, in deeper way. The Women's Ministry at Christ Community Church held "Divine Connection," a time for women to soak in worship of their King, receive communion, be anointed with oil, and hear the heart of their Bridegroom through prophetic ministry. "Divine Connection" was the women's version of the Princess Party which was held for high school girls last spring. To refresh to memory read "Your Bridegroom Has Rescued You, Princess" and "I Will Shine the Glory of My Bridegroom"?

The Holy Spirit's beautiful ministry to these women was something I'll not soon forget. The faces of these women shown as the heart of their First Love was revealed to them, and I am convinced that many, many more women now have a deeper understanding of why Jesus calls them Beloved.

Thank you, Pastor Sheri, Zoe, Shauntel, and all the leadership team for the untold hours of preparation for this event!!! Not only was eternity impacted, but I believe these women will now take giant leaps into their destiny because they know how much they are adored by the King of Kings!!! Also, thank you, Ministry Team, for giving of yourself unreservedly in order to be a vessel through which the Holy Spirit flowed. You will reap what you sowed last night. Bless you all!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fifteen Years of Fire

In honor of Fire's fifteenth birthday. A chronicle of "Fifteen Years of Fire" through pictures. We love you, Chrispy (my nickname for Fire).
Happy birthday!!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Family Pictures: 2008

Family Pictures


Auntie MA

Thank You, Sissy!!!

Let God's Word Sink Deep!

It was about eight years ago that I began to seek after hearing, really hearing what God had to say. I was tired of the "form of religon" and I wanted to express my love to Jesus and recieve His love through heart to heart communication.

The Fire of His Love burned hot and little by little, I have become the woman I am today. At the beginning of my quest the Lord promised me some amazing things. Some of those things are spelled out in the word below. I have bolded the statements that apply to me.

I will "Let God's Word Sink Deep!" I encourage you to do the same.

The Trumpet by Bill Burns --

October 20, 2008:

If you can receive it, says the Lord, this is a time of new beginnings, a time that you will one day look back upon and rejoice in. As you enter into this season of advancement and acquisition, you shall look back and say, "And the Lord did that for me in that time; He provided for me in that time; the Lord healed me in that time; it was the Lord who brought me up into the heavenly places." For, it is My Spirit that shall come and teach you and lead you in the way of revelation and bring you forth into the flow of spiritual life. In you I have hidden a treasure, which is still there, but when the living water of the Spirit begins to flow forth out of your innermost being, it will bring that treasure to light and to your understanding. Then, you will embrace that which I am doing and the new thing that I am doing in this season will come forth. Believe what I say to you, for it is time for you to arise to a new level, and it is time for you to arise to the spiritual habitation that I have prepared for you. The fullness of what I have prepared shall be known and received.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Consecrated Finishes First Term!

Congratulations, Consecrated for completing your first term at The Art Institute of York with honors!!! Your hard work and dedication will propel you on the path of your destiny that only you can complete. All of the glory goes to Jesus!!!!!

Your Dad and I are very proud!!! Thank You, Jesus, for guiding my son in ALL that he does!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Praise: Mom Update

Dear Praying Friends,

I am feeling everyone's prayers. Yesterday's co-op was the best of this year so far. Each class I taught was clear and fun, or at least the responses of my students made it appear that way. :) Only by the power of my Jesus!!!!

One of my former general science students came up to me and hugged of those long loving hugs; It's wonderful to receive Jesus' love through others. I told her she was following the lead of the Holy Spirit, because I needed a hug. She knew nothing about my Mom.

Mom did fall yesterday. She was attempting to pull dead tomato plants out of the ground. She wasn't hurt, but Dad said she almost hit her head on the porch. You can't keep that woman down!!!

Beautiful Grace

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For a Good Cry and a Thankful Heart!

How Far Would You Go?
A Cinematic Video by Johnny Cook & Daryl Logullo

--noun: A connecting or transitional route; a way towards.
(Matt 7:13-14)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mom's Home...Yeah!!!!

Dear Praying Bloggers,

I brought Mom home from the hospital today. Praise Jesus!!!

It turns out that she probably didn't have a stroke. Praise Jesus!!!

She probably had a seizure and what we saw was the post-seizure phase.

We have four doctor's appointment in the next two weeks, so please continue to keep me in your prayers as the Holy Spirit prompts. Fire told me today that he feels his schooling is being affected by my being gone so much to oversee Mom's care at the hospital. I need the Lord to help me sort through my responsibilities. To be honest, I'm feeling rather overwhelmed...blessed, but overwhelmed.

You ALL are a huge blessing to me!!!

A special thank you to Classic Mama's and Not So Classic's young lady, Scarlett. You're necklace to me was a sign from the Lord coming at exactly the time I needed encouragement. YOU ARE A BLESSING, DEAR!!!

Love to you all,
Beautiful Grace

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thankfulness Overflows!!!

Dear Praying Friends,

Mom was admitted to Harrisburg Hospital yesterday after having been discharged from Holy Spirit Hospital on Monday. She had another unresponsive episode, except this time, I suspected she was having a stroke. Her whole right side was "dead," and although she was awake and looked at us as we spoke, she was unable to verbally respond except with a moan. I just kept kissing her, telling her that I loved her, and praying as Dad and I waited for the ambulance to arrive. I was attempting to encourage Mom to speak and said, "Mom, tell me that you love me." All she could do was moan and look at me with such love. I knew what she was trying to say, but couldn't.

Mom was suppose to go to Holy Spirit Hospital, but the ED doctor diverted her to Harrisburg Hospital because she had brain bleeding symptoms and they had no neurosurgeon on call. My brothers and sisters came to the hospital because we didn't know what condition Mom would be in. To my delight, Mom was coming out of it when we arrived. She told us how she heard everything Dad and I were saying, but could not move or respond. Then she looked at me and said, "I love you, my baby girl." Thankfulness overflows me!!!!

Please pray that there is no residual effect of this stroke and that the doctors are able to prevent further incidents. For those of you that I called in the midst of the situation, a huge thanks!!! During the trip to the hospital, I could feel your prayers. The Presence of Jesus was tangible and I could feel Him like electricity on my skin. He is so good!!!

You all are a blessing to my family and me!!

All for Jesus,
Beautiful Grace :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tiffany Ann Lewis:"I See a Bridal Army Resuscitated by the Breath of God"

Oh, my, this speaks to my heart!!! It's so good that I wanted to share it with all of you. I can speak from personal experience that choosing to worship Jesus, especially in the difficult times of this life, causes one to rise up above those difficulties. In times of intense distress, I have danced with Him and miraculously, the intense distress gave way to peace surpassing understanding.

Be encouraged, worship Jesus with every bit of passion you have for Him, in the dark times and in the times of light. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Jesus, I love You! Thank You for how you love me (us)!!! Your Beloved, Beautiful Grace.

By Tiffany Ann Lewis:

"Therefore, behold, I will allure her, will bring her into the wilderness, and speak comfort to her. I will give her her vineyards from there, and the Valley of Achor as a door of hope; she shall sing in the day when she came up from the land of Egypt." Hosea 2:14-15

The Lord is alluring, yes alluring, us into the wilderness to be formed into a worshiping weapon - a warrior bride. He is forming an army that does not worry about problems but worships because we know and trust God alone. With eyes locked with His, this bridal army will release Kingdom authority as she dances with her Bridegroom King, Jesus Christ.

Worship is not your typical warfare, but it is an effective strategy and one the devil is hell-bent on destroying. I'm not talking about turning on some music. By definition, worship means to bow down, to prostrate oneself before a superior in homage. Worship is a weapon that has the power to change the atmosphere from hopeless to hopeful.

Our worship gains power as we remember what God has done and why He did it. I am talking about entering into a realm in the Spirit even in the midst of trials and tribulations, pain and suffering, because we know the truth of God's nature and character. It is this truth that sets our hearts free to worship our Bridegroom.

Bridal Worship

The Hebrew word for bride is Kallah, which comes from the root word Kalah, meaning: to finish, complete, prepare, to make perfect (in the sense of totality rather than of being unblemished) and to consume. One of kalah's derivatives translates into the word used for kidney (a vital organ) and speaks metaphorically of the heart, soul, mind; man's inner self.

It's interesting to note that Jesus considered the first and greatest commandment to be, "You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind" (Matthew 22:37). Bridal love is a vital desire of God's heart.

The marriage covenant is the most intimate of all human relationships, and throughout Scripture the bond between God and Israel is compared to the marriage relationship between man and wife. As Jesus hung on the cross He declared, "It is finished!" or in keeping with our Hebrew word, "It is kalah!" The covenant that was broken has now been restored, thanks to the shed blood of Jesus Christ and the finished work of the cross.

Therein lies a paradox: "It is finished" as spoken from the cross; yet it has only just begun. The bride needs to be forged into a worshipping weapon - the warrior bride. Connected to the Hebrew root word bride are the words: vessel, tools, jewels, instrument, and weapon.

It's no wonder King Solomon looked at his bride and said, "O my love, you are as beautiful as Tirzah, lovely as Jerusalem, awesome as an army with banners!" (Song of Solomon 6:4). A piece of iron doesn't just suddenly become a weapon; there is much work to do before that lump of iron becomes a gleaming sword.

The Flame of Yah

This is what "Dancing with the Flame of the Lord" is all about. Beloved, the weapon is formed as we dance with the refining Flame of Yah. The same Flame that awakens our love refines it as well.

To allure means to powerfully attract. I have a picture of the Lord dancing us into the wilderness. Because we are so captivated by Him, like a moth, we fly into the middle of His Flame. The dross is purified as unhealthy thoughts, words, and deeds are crucified.

Anything that keeps us from experiencing Him more completely is laid on the altar of sacrifice to be consumed by the Jealous Flame of Love - the Flame of Yah. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to us, during this process we are being formed into a weapon that destroys the works of the enemy while simply worshiping and waiting on Him.

The Valley of Achor

The valley of Achor is a physical location but it offers us a wonderful spiritual lesson. Achor means trouble and disturbance. Do we trust that all these tribulations are destined to produce joyful confidence and eternal hope? Will we follow Him into the wilderness knowing that our only door of hope is a door of troubles and tribulations?

Most don't welcome this part and would prefer to skip it, but it is the bridal relationship that becomes the weapon. Please don't misunderstand me; yes, there is power in His Name. However, we cannot overlook when Jesus turned to those who did many miracles in His name and said, "I never knew you; depart from Me..." (Matthew 7:23).

This phrase has bridal overtones! The word "knew" is a Jewish idiom referring to intimate relations between a man and a woman. It describes a relationship that knows each other personally and thoroughly. The Lord wants us to know Him, but He also wants to know us. There is a bond that is formed in vulnerability. As we discover the blazing Love that death could not quench, nor the grave keep bound, we gain a trust that turns worry into worship.

An Exceedingly Great Army

This is not a work of the flesh lest anyone should boast; it is a work of the Spirit. As the Holy Spirit pours the flaming Love of God upon our hearts, our hearts will begin to burn and our spirits will sing, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him." (Job 13:15).

I find the study of Hebrew language so "chuwl" (pronounced cool). Chuwl is a Hebrew word that, like most, has many shades of meaning (Strong's #2342). Its primary meaning is to twist or whirl in a circular or spiral manner specifically to dance. However, because of words like: to be pained, to tarry, to wait anxiously, to wait longingly, to be born, and to bring forth, which are used to describe chuwl, many scholars consider it a word that also describes "intense intercession."

It gets even cooler considering the word chuwl is found in Ezekiel's mystifying vision of the valley of bones. As Ezekiel surveyed the valley of very dry bones, the Lord told him to speak. Ezekiel obeyed and told the bones to hear the word of the Lord. After he prophesied, he saw the bones come together and saw breath come into them. This breath is the same Spirit (Ruwach) that moved upon the face of the waters in Genesis 1:2. After this Breath came into them, the bones lived and were "an exceedingly great army" (Ezekiel 37:10).
Army comes from the root word chuwl!

Psalm 37:7 also uses the word in the phrase "wait patiently for Him." "Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him; do not fret because of him who prospers in his way..." Here chuwl speaks of someone who is in a difficult situation, one who is suffering and distressed, who longingly waits while in pain. Beloved, rest and be still; don't fret. God is faithful - don't give up! Keep your eyes on Him and worship your way through the wilderness.

Chuwl seems like such a paradox, but then again, doesn't God use the foolish things of this world to confound man's wisdom? Beloved, chuwl is how we will see it done on earth as it is in Heaven.
I see a bridal army that has been resuscitated by the Breath of God after receiving the kiss of life within their inner man. As we worship Him, warfare is taking place in the spirit. I see the silver sparkle of a sword as it swirls around the dance floor breaking through the opposition.

O' HalleluYah!

God Says, "May I Have this Dance?"
As I prayed about how to deliver this message, the Lord said, "...Speak comfort to Jerusalem, and cry out to her, that her warfare is ended..." (Isaiah 40:2a). Jesus said, "It is finished!" There is a spiritual battle, yes, but it belongs to the Lord.

The Lord says, "Stop warring; start worshiping. Worship Me, magnify Me. Stop looking at the situation and look at Me, the only One who is able to fix it."
Remember Peter when he was walking on the water, he began to sink because he took his eyes off Jesus and focused on his problem. Worship Him in the full sense of the word, willingly surrendering to the only One who is able to help us, God Almighty. Our help does not come from technology, it does not come from the doctors, and it does not come from the government. Our help comes from the Lord.

I'm telling you, this will change everything. Our weapons are not carnal but mighty in the hands of God. Our battle is now keeping our eyes on Him and not our circumstances. As we fix our eyes on Him and remember what He has done and why He has done it, our worry will turn to worship and our panic into praise.

The Lord is asking, "Will you will be a weapon in My hand?" He says, "As we dance this dance keep your eyes locked with Mine. Don't look to the right or the left. Don't be concerned about what we are bringing down, or building up. Stay by My side, My bride. Keep gazing on Me and together we will stand in the gap and see My Kingdom come in your life, in your family, and in your region. May I have this dance?"

Yes, Lord. Amen.

Tiffany Ann Lewis
Dancing with the Flame of the Lord Ministries

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mom Update and Prayer

Dear Friends/Family,

My Mother is being discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Yeah, Jesus!!! I am thankful that she will be returning home to my Dad. He does miss his other half!!!

I am thankful for the doctors and nurses who once again cared for Mom. Thank you, Jesus, for those who use their lives to serve others!!!

I am thankful that Mom was on the cardiac monitoring floor, where they were able to find the Mom's heart was not staying in a normal rate. She is now on a new medication to control to the rate.

I was especially thankful the floor Mom was on was managed by Nurse Anne. We graduated from nursing school together, many, many years ago. ;)

Please continue to pray for resolution of Mom's leg infection. It is not responding as quickly to the IV antibiotics as previously. She will be discharged on IV antibiotics, so please pray for my Dad and me as we will be the ones responsible for their administration. I live about 20 minutes away from my parents and the antibiotics will be given at least twice a day.

You all are appreciated and loved. Thanks for your prayers. I know I can't effectively serve without God's help!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fountains of Living Water

Like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, huge rabbits on the attack. These creatures, from a dream I had within the last several months, at first, seemed bizarre. About what was God trying to warn? Although huge in size, these rabbits were easily warded off by my throwing a pillow at them. I asked the Lord what the rabbits signified and I believe He said, "They eat fruit." Immediately, Galatians 5:22-23 flashed through my mind.

"But the fruit of the [Holy] Spirit [the work which His presence within accomplishes] is love, joy (gladness), peace, patience (an even temper, forbearance), kindness, goodness (benevolence), faithfulness, Gentleness (meekness, humility), self-control (self-restraint, continence). Against such things there is no law [that can bring a charge]."

All of us have common struggles and similar testings, therefore sharing my thoughts regarding this dream will be beneficial to all who may read.

Isaiah 37:31 "And the remnant that has survived of the house of Judah shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward."

Luke 8:14 "And as for what fell among the thorns, these are [the people] who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked and suffocated with the anxieties and cares and riches and pleasures of life, and their fruit does not ripen (come to maturity and perfection)."

John 15:16 "You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and I have appointed you [I have planted you], that you might go and bear fruit and keep on bearing, and that your fruit may be lasting [that it may remain, abide], so that whatever you ask the Father in My Name [as presenting all that I AM], He may give it to you."

Romans 7:5 "When we were living in the flesh (mere physical lives), the sinful passions that were awakened and aroused up by [what] the Law [makes sin] were constantly operating in our natural powers (in our bodily organs, in the sensitive appetites and wills of the flesh), so that we bore fruit for death

Ephesians 5:8-10 "For once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord; walk as children of Light [lead the lives of those native-born to the Light]. For the fruit (the effect, the product) of the Light or the Spirit [consists] in every form of kindly goodness, uprightness of heart, and trueness of life."

Hebrews 12:11 "For the time being no discipline brings joy, but seems grievous and painful; but afterwards it yields a peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it [a harvest of fruit which consists in righteousness--in conformity to God's will in purpose, thought, and action, resulting in right living and right standing with God]."

James 3:18 "And the harvest of righteousness (of conformity to God's will in thought and deed) is [the fruit of the seed] sown in peace by those who work for and make peace [in themselves and in others, that peace which means concord, agreement, and harmony between individuals, with undisturbedness, in a peaceful mind free from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts]. And try to learn [in your experience] what is pleasing to the Lord [let your lives be constant proofs of what is most acceptable to Him]."

Be mindful of the fruit that the Lord has grown in you for there are many things of this world which will attempt to consume the good fruit that the Lord has ripened in you for His glory!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mom Update and Prayer

Thanks all for praying for my Mother. My Father and I saw her this afternoon, and she is much more alert. Thank you, Jesus. She did have a fever though, so please keep on praying for resolution of these infections.

I'm grateful for the lovely ladies from New Creation Co-op who called me to find out what they could do besides pray. You are a blessing to me ladies!!!!

Also, thanks, Riley, for your encouragement. Sending me the "Thank You" award at a time that I needed it. You are a blessing to me, Dear!!!

Prayer for My Mother

Please pray for my Mother. Dad found her unresponsive and half-dressed yesterday morning. She doesn't remember what happened, but it appears she was in the process of dressing when while sitting on the edge of the tub, fell backwards into it. Dad was unable to contact me because I was in a building without cell phone signal. I felt bad for him because, I'm always there to call the ambulance and make the arrangements. She was admitted to Holy Spirit Hospital yesterday for another bout of leg cellulitis and a bladder infection. They are giving her IV antibiotics and were possibly going to do a shoulder x-ray and a ct scan. I haven't heard about any results yet. I'll be taking Dad sometime after lunch today.

You all are a blessing to me and my family,
Bellann :)