Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Nineteenth Birthday, Consecrated!!!

My son, Consecrated turned nineteen yesterday. Happy birthday, Consecrated!!! I love you, and I am proud!!!!

A Leaking Coffee Maker...a Sign of God's Care?

The first thing I do in the morning is grab a cup of coffee and yesterday was no different. Though groggy, I lumbered (my family says I'm a loud walker) through the hallway and to the kitchen, where the preprogrammed coffee maker awaited containing freshly brewed java. The brown liquid appeared darker than usual, but I continued on my mission to get that cup of coffee. As I poured the french vanilla creamer into my cup, I noticed the counter was full of water. Upon close inspection, I observed that water from the coffee maker had leaked all the way to the microwave. I quickly unplugged all electrical items and began the sopping process.

It was then I noticed my book Understanding the Dreams You Dream by Ira Milligan was laying in a pool of water, in fact, the book was saturated! I finished wiping the counter and then took my book downstairs to begin the painstaking process of drying each of the 249 pages with my blow dryer. Working slowly so as not to tear the pages of this helpful reference, I continued for about 30 minutes. During that time, I felt that God said that the water saturating the dream book was a sign of His Spirit saturating not only my dream life, but the dreams of my family. Then I heard Him say, "You have asked for My Spirit to flood your home. The water is a sign that I have heard you."

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I love symbolic communication. Water, symbolic for God's Holy Spirit had saturated my kitchen (symbolic for the heart) of my family's home!!! Not only had God heard my prayer, but He responded in the most unique way to my prayer!!! How I love You, Jesus!!!

Last night before bed with a son on each side, I prayed for dreams that would be saturated with God's Spirit, and lives would overflowing with the Spirit. Then after Strongman prayed for me, I prayed for both of our dreams and lives to be flooded with the Spirit.

The coffee maker's leaking was not an inconvenience, it was a sign of God's care! He had heard my prayers, and He cares!!!!!

May all of you have a revelation of God's care in your own lives. He has heard your petitions! You just never know the creative way He may answer!

Oh, by the way, I did have have a dream of direction and encouragement last night, and Strongman just shared a dream he had last night. Thank You, my Jesus!!!! The boys are still sleeping. Can't wait to hear what God said to them!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let Thanksgiving Arise: The Blessings of the Prophetic

Hearing the voice of the One Who created the universe...this was my great desire approximately eight years ago. Entering the season of some of the most horrific battles I had yet to experience in my life, I not only desired to hear the voice of Jesus, but in fact, was desperate to hear Him!

Jesus promises us that His sheep hear His voice in the amplified version of John 10:27 7 28, "The sheep that are My own hear and are listening to My voice; and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never lose it or perish throughout the ages. [To all eternity they shall never by any means be destroyed.] And no one is able to snatch them out of My hand."

To those of you sheep facing what appears insurmountable, I implore to hear His voice. He will lead you through the valley and walk with you as you climb that mountain!

But hearing the voice of God is not only personal, it is relational, which is "relationship by consanguinity or affinity : kinship," according to Merriam-Webster's online dictionary. How does hearing God's voice impact those with which we have a relationship? Holy Love answers this question!

Love, according to 1 Corinthians 14:1, should be our ultimate goal. Paul instructs us to "EAGERLY PURSUE and seek to acquire [this] love [make it your aim, your great quest]; and earnestly desire and cultivate the spiritual endowments (gifts), especially that you may prophesy ([i]interpret the divine will and purpose in inspired preaching and teaching)," emphasis mine.

Since love is our goal and we are specifically instructed to prophesy, then we should seek the heart of God about what He is saying, not only for ourselves, but for others as well.

Asking the Lord to reveal His heart about a person and then speaking His heart to that person remains the ultimate verbal expression of Love. When someone struggles with who they are in Christ, His Spirit may reveal that they are "Loved with and everlasting Love and being held with everlasting arms." Speaking words from the heart of God to one of His sheep at just the right time brings hope and life and victory to one struggling!

About a year ago, I was worshipping Jesus through dance, when I heard Him instruct me to call a woman and say, "I have seen your tears, and I am with you." I figured I'd call this woman after I had finished worshipping Jesus. But the Lord wanted me to call immediately, and I obeyed. It turns out the just prior to my phone call, the woman had been crying out to the Lord saying, "Don't you see my tears. I feel like I'm all alone." I had no idea what was going on in this woman's life, but God did and speaking the words given by Jesus brought hope and life and victory to her battle that day! God's voice was perceived and spoken...Love prevailed!!!

If you belong to Jesus, you too can hear His voice for yourself and for those around you as long as Love is the motive for speaking. The blessing of hearing God's heart and then speaking God's heart not only fulfills the desire the Lord has for us, but blesses us in the process. When we give His Love, Jesus liberally pours His Love back into us!!!

Take this Thanksgiving Day to listen for and speak the heart of God to those you contact. It doesn't have to sound spiritual, it just has to be words expressed in Love! Follow the link for God's definition of Love!!!

Jesus, You are magnificent! You are unmatched! You speak to the dead places within us and life emerges. Your words bring victory to the battle and hope to the hopeless! Pour Your Love through us today and let our eyes reflect Your Love! You, oh Perfect Love, cast out all fear and restore all things. Love conquers all!!!! Glory be to You, my Jesus!!! AMEN!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Please Pray for My Friend, Maria!

Please pray for my friend, Maria, whose husband, Ernie, died a few days ago. She has been an encouragement to many!!! Pour Your Spirit out upon Maria and her family, Jesus. You, oh, Comforter, are the One whose touch heals the broken-hearted. Touch and heal Maria and her family even now, Jesus!!! Amen!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bill and Marsha burns Prophecy

The Trumpet by Bill Burns -- November 17, 2008: The instruction to the Church at this time is to get past unbelief. This is a new era, and we must get over disappointment. There is a prevailing sense of unbelief because of disappointment and unanswered prayer. Things that many of us expected to happen didn't. This unbelief must be dealt with before we can receive the rain of this season. God wants us to interact on a new level; not just prayer, but spiritual interaction. The invitation is to move to a new spiritual plateau. The Lord will show us the prophetic implications of the times and seasons. Everything we've been taught was for the purpose of bringing us to prophetic reality, and the anointing will come to produce that prophetic reality in us.

Small Straws In A Soft Wind by Marsha Burns November 16, 2008: The Spirit of the Lord broke in on me and brought someone to mind that has been a reliable prophet, and I believe this person is symbolic of the prophetic church. I had a sense that this person had feelings of being disassociated, lost, disillusioned, and hopeless. There was a disappointment that expectations haven't been met, and a sense of dread or even fear that what had been worked for and hoped for had all been in vain. I believe the enemy is doing all he can to shut the mouths of the prophets again and to keep God's people from exercising their faith. Romans 1:17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, "The just shall live by faith."

November 17, 2008: I am calling you to awaken to a fresh sense of purpose and destiny, for I speak to many who have become disillusioned and have drawn back into silence and solace. This is a new day. There is much to be done to establish the reality of My kingdom. Rise up in the Spirit, and I will manifest in wondrous ways to move you forward in divine progression, says the Lord. 1 Timothy 4:14-15 Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the eldership. Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Harmonies, New Sounds, and a New Army Rising in the Earth!

Chuck Pierce: Glory of Zion International

November 14, 2008

Dear Changing Saints:

Recently in the midst of all the changes, the Lord began to speak to me about a "Triumphant Reserve." As I shared on this last Sunday, the Spirit of God overwhelmed us with His Presence in our midst with prophetic utterance and new songs. The following is so key for you to read and embrace as we enter this new season:

"The time is now that I will call forth My reserve that I have been preparing. This reserve has been in the wings and on the shelves waiting for Me to say the word that will draw them from the wilderness. The time is now! The time is now! The time is now! The waiting has produced a power and a glory that has not been seen in this reserve that will now come forth triumphantly. There is a beauty that will come forth in this Holy Array when I speak. Many will say, 'Who is this coming up from the wilderness?' When they begin their journey from captivity, they will radiate with a strength and power that regions and territories have not known before. They will be a changed remnant. You have been designated as one of the Triumphant Reserve.

You will stand in the midst of great confusion, and a torrent season of great grace and wisdom will be displayed like a multi-colored coat to all the principalities around you. There is a beauty that I bring when I come. This mantle will unfurl before you and encompass you in a new way. You have not understood how your freedom and glory has been furled and the world has not been able to see who My People really are. I will bring changes in the next 14 months that will cause an unfurling. I am a God that watches every decision that is being made. I am the God of history. I am the God of the present. I am the God of the future. I have seen decisions in the past that will now unfurl. But now, you will see Me take the past and present and unfurl your future. I am setting a new order to secure an inheritance that is under scrutiny and attack. Return to your holy abiding place, for you have allowed your emotions to become fragmented and separated. There must be holiness in My remnant people in this hour to wear the mantle that I AM unfurling.

The sound of change is now upon us.
A sound of change invades the earth,
The sound of wisdom flowing down,
Sound of grace coming down as a crown.
The sound of change is now upon us,
A sound of change, a new day.
I will return you to your place of victory.
I will return you to the place of your rest.
I will return you to your place of victory.
I will return you to the place of your rest.
It's a love that doesn't care about my past.
It's a love that says don't look back.
It's a love that wants to wrap you in His arms.
It's a love that doesn't care about my past.
It's a love that doesn't look back.
Come forward. Come forward,
Because I love you.
It's a love that covers my past.
It's a love that covers my past.
No, I don't have to look back.
He died to cover my past.
--Meredith Mauldin and John Dickson

There is now a divine return in the earth that My people must take, for they must step back and watch Me go before them. I'm a God that goes before you and you must understand that I know the way this day. Step back before your path begins to split into ways that would cause My army not to align properly. Step back and return to your place of rest. Return to a place of divine rest in Me. I will cause faith that has been bottled and stopped up in you to arise and surface in a key time and place. I will cause your mission to come into a new order. There is a divine return.

My people must stay in their abiding place. When the enemy pulls you out of My place of abiding, no matter how righteous the cause seems, when you leave the indwelling power of My presence, this will give the enemy the right to move into places and seep into places that I do not want you to allow. This will form an administration that gives the enemy right to rule. This is a time that I am returning a people into a place so they can be called forth in a new way.There's a new form of worship. There's a new cry in My heart for a people to change the way they have worshipped and sacrificed in the past. Come before Me and hear in a new way. Listen intently. This is a time that you must rise up. You must come up and ascend into a place you've not been before. Bend down and worship that you might come up. This is a time that without your submission you will not see the movement of My Spirit in the earth realm.

I AM brooding over many areas in the earth - government, economic and spiritual structures - and changing the structures of how these systems have operated in past seasons. Remove from your heart anything that is above Me. Any strategy or any goal that you have above Me must be removed. You must have freedom in your heart in days ahead. This new freedom will cause you to follow in the way that I WILL instruct you. The cry of freedom and the need to worship will save you in the days ahead. You have been a people that have set your freedom upon the civil authorities that have been over you. But I say come to a more excellent way understanding freedom. You don't understand the workings of the governments of the world. Rise up, for your freedom is not in a man's voice but your freedom is in a relationship with My voice. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen - you must know My voice this hour. It is I who will lead you out of bondage. It is I who will bring you through the door of your future. Know My voice and long to become one with Me in days ahead. Listen intently to those who are speaking what I am saying. Listen carefully to all and hear only ME.

Worship Me in a new way and get ready to ascend! (Keith Pierce) I see a chain on your legs. When you worship, the enemy is pulling you back. War against the chain that is working against you! As you press into worship, I am releasing the Keeper of the Keys to come down and unlock you, releasing you to ascend. I must have you in My Presence now! Press to ascend. Press to ascend. Cry out in worship and press to ascend. The day of ascension has come upon you because the heaven is open. Rise to ascend. I have an orchestra that I am calling forth. There are sounds that are creating new harmonies in the earth. The harmonies in the earth are now changing. You must know the sound of My harmony in the midst of the chaos.

We're marching with Your harmony.
We're marching with Your harmony.
We're marching with Your harmony.
We will go where You're sending.
We're marching with Your harmony,
Marching with Your harmony.
We are marching with Your harmony.
We will go where you say,
Marching with Your harmony.
We hear Your voice and now we see Your way.
The sound - hear the sound.
The sound is pushing you forward.
Hear the sound.
The sound is pushing you forward.
Don't look back, you can't look back,
No strings attached;
Don't look back, no chains attached.
We're marching forth.
We won't turn back.
We're marching forth.
We won't turn back.
--Lauren Aubrey & Tammy Black

There are sounds that are flowing through your blood. There are sounds that I am rearranging in the bloodlines of nations. Get in step with My harmony and the earth. I AM shaking nations into MY next order. Trees are clapping their hands and root systems are becoming renewed. Fruit that hasn't been seen in the last season will burst forth before the eyes of My people this year. I am building bridges that you must choose in days ahead. These bridges will be from one side to the other of schisms that have been created. Find that bridge of faith that you are to walk on. In the middle of it, I will meet you and raise you up to a new level. But you must walk. You will see the nations as I see the nations. The enemy has planted his toe within your heart. Now I am causing you to turn and look at him in the face, for it is only a toehold he has. He is trying to convince you that his foot is upon you. You have a word very near and nigh to you to speak. Speak the word and decree that his toehold from the past must go! Your foot now will go on top of his headship that has been ruling you.

There's a trembling before the army of the Lord,
A trembling before the army of the Lord.
The song is louder than terrible words.
A trembling goes before you.
It's a sound of trembling,
of fury not hesitant,
A sound of trembling,
of fury not hesitant.
Will you be known by your fury or hesitant?
It's the sound of the army whose king is the Lord.
This is the sound of the army whose king is the Lord.
--Aaron Smith & LeAnn Squier

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seeing into the Unseen, Taking Authority, and Infusing Love

It started the beginning of last week with a phone call from a friend. She had a heavy prayer request. After agreeing to pray about the situation she faced, I knew I needed to seek the Lord as to how to even begin to pray. I asked the Lord for a dream that night and I believe He gave me direction on how to pray. But did you ever experience heavy prayer issues do have the potential to weigh down the pray-er?

Wednesday evening, I was faced with a choice which stirred a little anxiety in me. I prayed about what to do, and then felt to push through the fear.

On Friday, someone said something that stirred my flesh and anxiety came a little heavier on me. I even started to get a little nauseated. I commanded my stomach to quiet and it immediately obeyed, however, I did not command the anxiety to leave.

On Friday evening, as I was walking through my kitchen (which I believe represents my heart/soul), I saw out of my left peripheral vision a thin mist. I turned to actually see it, only to see it immediately dissipate. I believe I saw an angel sent to minister my heart/soul.

Friday night was difficult for sleeping because anxiety hung like a weight on my chest. I prayed, but still no resolution of the heaviness.

Finally, on Saturday, enough was enough and God's Spirit rose up in me to command anxiety to go in the name of Jesus!!! Guess what...immediately anxiety flew off my chest. I'm not exaggerating! It actually felt as though something was perched on my chest and left at lightning speed at my command. In anxiety's place, I could feel God infusing me with Peace and Love and Joy!

A little later, I gave a "Love Infusion" to a girl who had been having chest pain. "Love Infusion" was what Jesus told me to call it. It simply was a hug in which I prayed for the Love that Jesus infused me with would be transferred to the girl.

This past Monday, Mom started to experience dizziness. I checked her and her vital signs were stable. We had her checked in the afternoon and nothing definitive was determined.

Tuesday, while driving to co-op, I was singing and worshipping Jesus. I started to feel holy electricity strongly over various parts of my body. I was being infused again. The Lord instructed me to pray for a friend, who reported that she could feel electricty coming off of me as I placed my arm around her back.

Early Wenesday morning Dad found Mom on the floor beside the bed. I immediately went to check her and found her heart racing at 140 beats a minute. She was having an attack of atrial fibrillation. The ambulance was called and they actually gave her an IV push med to slow her heart rate before leaving for the hospital. Mom was admitted to the Harrisburg Hospital. Her white blood cells are elevated (indicative of infection) and I also discovered she hadn't been taking her heart medicine. Please pray!!!
The awesome thing about all of this is that the whole time, I could feel Jesus' Presence (electricity) and Peace...not a bit of anxiety.

I spent the majority of Wednesday at the hospital came home for about 20 minutes and then headed back to the big city to attend Youth service. My husband ussually doesn't come with us on Wednesdays, but did because he knew I was tired. Isn't that sweet?

While turning into CCC I saw out of my right periphery, a white mist hovering around the CCC sign. Again, I believe an angel assigned to protect. Awesome!!!

Thank you, Jesus, for Your Infusions, for Your Love and Strength in me. You are my Beautiful Friend!!! I love You!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twin Valley Soccer Club 2008

Fire played the last game of the soccer season this past Saturday. He was the team captain this year and I was proud of his ability to step up to that leadership position. Most of all, I am thrilled that he exhibited good sportsmanship. Fire, I am blessed to be your Mom!!!

Thanks Jamie and Phil for your positive coaching!!! You both set godly examples for the kids to follow.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All Your Pretty Leaves Have Fallen to the Ground

Below is a repost of an article written by one of my biology students. Read her heart and "see" the awesome insight of one so young. I am privileged to be able to speak into her life.

Have an awesome day!
Beautiful Grace

Reposted by permission of author, Sarah.

"all your pretty leaves have fallen to the ground"

on sunday i was taking a walk with my amazing little brother. i'm serious. my little brother is amazing. annoying, yes, but more amazing than annoying.

so anyway, we were walking together and talking about God and stuff, and i came up with the most amazing analogy! :)

or, i didn't come up with it. God gave it to me. i don't make this stuff up, folks. lol..

leaves look the same. they do. if you hold two leaves from the same tree next to eachother, they both look the same. but they AREN'T the same. they have slightly different shapes and their little leaf vane thingies are at different spots on the leaf, you know? leaves LOOK the same, but the AREN'T the same. and eventually they will all fall off of whatever tree they live on, and they will land on the ground. and these very similar leaves will be at spots that are perhaps very close to eachother, but they won't be at the same spot. they might be next to eachother, but they can't both be at the exact same spot in space.

this kinda reminds me of the body of Christ. the world is full of people. people in general look the same. we all have eyes, noses, mouths, hair, arms, legs, hands, feet. some of us share the same interests and talents. but does that mean that we're the same? no. people are most definitely NOT the same. some of us might LOOK the same, but we're NOT the same.... and God has plans for all of us. it says that in Jeremiah. i forget where, but it says that God has plans for us to give us a hope and a future. and God calls us all to do different things for Him, right? and some people will do the same thing. there's naturally gonna be more than one missionary and more than one pastor and more than one of everything. and anyway, just because you're doing something that's extremely similar as your brother or sister in Christ doesn't mean that what you're doing is unimportant. what you're doing is IMPORTANT, kuz God told you to do it. think about the leaves again. the leaves fall off the tree and land really close to eachother! the leaves falling off the tree is kind of like when God calls you to do something, and you go do it. and... like, what if one of the leaves wasn't there? even though they're next to eachother on the ground, they both still cover up a piece of ground. if one of the leaves wasn't THERE, there would be a blank piece of ground, right? and that's no good. just like, it's no good if there's two pastors who are sitting here being jealous of eachother because they're doing the similar things. it doesn't matter that you're both doing the similar things. the point is, God called each of you to do that thing, right? so DO it. if it wouldn't work, God wouldn't have called both of you to where you are, so get over yourself already. and when leaves fall off the tree, they don't sit there going, "ew, you're touching me, go move somewhere else and do your own thing." no. they don't say ANYTHING... mainly because they're inanimite objects. heh. but for real. be like leaves. land where God tells you to land, and don't pick on other people for landing where God told THEM to land. even though you're both doing similar things, you can't do the SAME thing that the other person is doing. like if pastor A tried to be pastor B, it wouldn't work, because pastor A is a different person than pastor B is. pastor A adds his own personal touch to his ministry, and pastor B has a completely different personal touch to add. and neither of these pastors could do what the other person is doing, simply because they're not them. they're themselves.....

i hope that made sense. sorry if it was disjointed or whatever... my family is watching a movie in the other room and the noise is carrying over, which makes it hard to think. slightly.

im gonna go knit. yuns have a great day. :)


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Consecutive Birthday Sundays

We celebrated Fire's 15th birthday last Sunday and my baby bro's 138th birthday (actually, his 40th) this afternoon. We had exactly the same food each day as well...turkey pot pie (homemade noodle kind), lettuce and tomato salad with my mom's homemade sweet sour dressing and chocolate cake with peanut butter icing for dessert.

Happy birthday, guys!!!!