Friday, June 22, 2012

Psalm 134; 146-150: Passion in Worship

I grew up in a traditional church and am thankful for the rich heritage and Biblical symbolism it instilled in me.  I fell in love with Jesus at that church, and I am grateful.  But passion in worship was not a part of the structured order of this church.  In fact, the first time attending a "passionate" church, I thought the people were actually being disrespectful to God.  

I had learned that respecting God took the form of standing when prompted to stand, repeating key phrases at the proper time, and remaining quiet during the proceedings.  This was what I knew of worship, what I understood as respecting God.  It had little to do with how I lived life outside of the church structure, until His Spirit stirred me for more. 

I found myself praying, "Lord, there has to be more than this."  If God is alive and active and moving on my behalf, then shouldn't this all look different?

My eyes were opened to Biblical passages such as the readings for today, and I saw passion in worship- singing, dancing, loud percussion instruments.  These worshipers were definitely not subdued or passionless!

Little by little, Holy Spirit awakened active passion in my heart teaching me to express my love for Him with my whole being inside the church during a meeting, as well as, in the company of my own thoughts.  Suddenly, worship became alive in me and although I direct my whole being to Abba, He always seems to out give me by pouring His Presence and love back to me.

Friends, please don't misunderstand my thoughts.  A person can be madly in love with Jesus and never dance with Him.  How someone expresses their love for God is unique.  It's part of that "personal relationship" we have with Him.  

What I am saying is that if your heart desires to express your love for the Lord more demonstratively, go for it.  King David did, and he was described as "a man after God's own heart."

Personally experiencing this kind of freedom in worship has broken much oppression off my life.  For me, there seems to be something supernatural about it.

During an extremely difficult season of warfare, the Lord first called me to dance in the middle of the night.  "Dance for Me," He whispered.  All alone, with no music, and in the middle of my living room during the dark stillness of the night, I swayed back and forth in obedience to His command.  It was the beginning of my healing.  

He is Wonderful!!!

Holy Spirit, speak to those Who You have called to express themselves.  Do not allow anyone or anything hinder them in complete abandonment to You.  In Jesus' name.  AMEN!!!

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