Monday, December 24, 2007

Hear the Sound of Heaven

"Fall on your knees, oh hear the angels voices

Oh night divine, oh night when Christ was born

Oh night divine, oh night when Christ was born"

Recently, the Lord has impressed the importance of words. We have the power to speak life or death to people and situations, but none of us can speak life unless we first hear God's voice.

We all have heard the still, small voice of God when we first realized our need for a Savior. We heard and we responded. Our response to His call caused us to become His sheep. Jesus has promised that His sheep hear His voice. We just need to be actively listening for His voice.

He sees the worth in all individuals, because He created every single person on this earth for a purpose, a destiny. And every situation, no matter how dark, has a purpose. God has said, that all things work to together for good, for those who love God and are called according to His purposes.

If we listen to His voice, we will hear what God says about that person or situation. We then, as God's ambassadors, have the privilage and authority to speak life to that person's destiny or purposeful resolution to that difficult situation.

My dear blogging friends, take the time this Christmas to fall on your knees, worship Jesus, and listen for His beautiful voice!! Who knows, maybe, He will even allow you to hear the angels' sing!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Wisdom of a Child

God knows, God understands!!!!

Listen to Logan's Calf Story.

Bless you all!!!! :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"A Vision of the Lost"

Intensity and passion overflow as Booth describes the vision the Lord gave him of the lost. The following account of William Booth's vision will open eyes as the Holy Spirit has His way. Remember this vision as you come upon those faithful bell-ringers of the Salvation Army.

In one of my recent journeys, as I gazed from the coach window, I was led into a train of thought concerning the condition of the multitudes around me. They were living carelessly in the most open and shameless rebellion against God, without a thought for their eternal welfare. As I looked out of the window, I seemed to see them all... millions of people all around me given up to their drink and their pleasure, their dancing and their music, their business and their anxieties, their politics and their troubles. Ignorant- willfully ignorant in many cases- and in other instances knowing all about the truth and not caring at all. But all of them, the whole mass of them, sweeping on and up in their blasphemies and devilries to the Throne of God. While my mind was thus engaged, I had a vision.

I saw a dark and stormy ocean. Over it the black clouds hung heavily; through them every now and then vivid lightening flashed and loud thunder rolled, while the winds moaned, and the waves rose and foamed, towered and broke, only to rise and foam, tower and break again.

In that ocean I thought I saw myriads of poor human beings plunging and floating, shouting and shrieking, cursing and struggling and drowning; and as they cursed and screamed they rose and shrieked again, and then some sank to rise no more.

And I saw out of this dark angry ocean, a mighty rock that rose up with it’s summit towering high above the black clouds that overhung the stormy sea. And all around the base of this great rock I saw a vast platform. Onto this platform, I saw with delight a number of the poor struggling, drowning wretches continually climbing out of the angry ocean. And I saw that a few of those who were already safe on the platform were helping the poor creatures still in the angry waters to reach the place of safety.

On looking more closely I found a number of those who had been rescued, industriously working and scheming by ladders, ropes, boats and other means more effective, to deliver the poor strugglers out of the sea. Here and there were some who actually jumped into the water, regardless of the consequences in their passion to "rescue the perishing." And I hardly know which gladdened me the most- the sight of the poor drowning people climbing onto the rocks reaching a place of safety, or the devotion and self-sacrifice of those whose whole being was wrapped up in the effort for their deliverance.

As I looked on, I saw that the occupants of that platform were quite a mixed company. That is, they were divided into different "sets" or classes, and they occupied themselves with different pleasures and employments. But only a very few of them seemed to make it their business to get the people out of the sea.

But what puzzled me most was the fact that though all of them had been rescued at one time or another from the ocean, nearly everyone seemed to have forgotten all about it. Anyway, it seemed the memory of its darkness and danger no longer troubled them at all. And what seemed equally strange and perplexing to me was that these people did not even seem to have any care- that is any agonizing care- about the poor perishing ones who were struggling and drowning right before their very eyes... many of whom were their own husbands and wives, brothers and sisters and even their own children.

Now this astonishing unconcern could not have been the result of ignorance or lack of knowledge, because they lived right there in full sight of it all and even talked about it sometimes. Many even went regularly to hear lectures and sermons in which the awful state of these poor drowning creatures was described.

I have always said that the occupants of this platform were engaged in different pursuits and pastimes. Some of them were absorbed day and night in trading and business in order to make gain, storing up their savings in boxes, safes and the like.

Many spent their time in amusing themselves with growing flowers on the side of the rock, others in painting pieces of cloth or in playing music, or in dressing themselves up in different styles and walking about to be admired. Some occupied themselves chiefly in eating and drinking, others were taken up with arguing about the poor drowning creatures that had already been rescued.

But the thing to me that seemed the most amazing was that those on the platform to whom He called, who heard His voice and felt that they ought to obey it- at least they said they did- those who confessed to love Him much were in full sympathy with Him in the task He had undertaken- who worshipped Him or who professed to do so- were so taken up with their trades and professions, their money saving and pleasures, their families and circles, their religions and arguments about it, and their preparation for going to the mainland, that they did not listen to the cry that came to them from this Wonderful Being who had Himself gone down into the sea. Anyway, if they heard it they did not heed it. They did not care. And so the multitude went on right before them struggling and shrieking and drowning in the darkness.

And then I saw something that seemed to me even more strange than anything that had gone on before in this strange vision. I saw that some of these people on the platform whom this Wonderful Being had called to, wanting them to come and help Him in His difficult task of saving these perishing creatures, were always praying and crying out to Him to come to them!

Some wanted Him to come and stay with them, and spend His time and strength in making them happier. Others wanted Him to come and take away various doubts and misgivings they had concerning the truth of some letters He had written them. Some wanted Him to come and make them feel more secure on the rock- so secure that they would be quite sure that they should never slip off again into the ocean. Numbers of others wanted Him to make them feel quite certain that they would really get off the rock and onto the mainland someday: because as a matter of fact, it was well known that some had walked so carelessly as to loose their footing, and had fallen back again into the stormy waters.

So these people used to meet and get up as high on the rock as they could, and looking towards the mainland (where they thought the Great Being was) they would cry out, "Come to us! Come and help us!" And all the while He was down (by His Spirit) among the poor struggling, drowning creatures in the angry deep, with His arms around them trying to drag them out, and looking up- oh! so longingly but all in vain- to those on the rock, crying to them with His voice all hoarse from calling, "Come to Me! Come, and help Me!

And then I understood it all. It was plain enough. The sea was the ocean of life- the sea of real, actual human existence. That lightening was the gleaming of piercing truth coming from Jehovah’s Throne. That thunder was the distant echoing of the wrath of God. Those multitudes of people shrieking, struggling and agonizing in the stormy sea, was the thousands and thousands of poor harlots and harlot-makers, of drunkards and drunkard makers, of thieves, liars, blasphemers and ungodly people of every kindred, tongue and nation.

Oh what a black sea it was! And oh, what multitudes of rich and poor, ignorant and educated were there. They were all so unalike in their outward circumstances and conditions, yet all alike in one thing- all sinners before God- all held by, and holding onto, some iniquity, fascinated by some idol, the slaves of some devilish lust, and ruled by the foul fiend from the bottomless pit!

"All alike in one thing?" No, all alike in two things- not only the same in their wickedness but, unless rescued, the same in their sinking, sinking... down, down, down... to the same terrible doom. That great sheltering rock represented Calvary, the place where Jesus had died for them. And the people on it were those who had been rescued. The way they used their energies, gifts and time represented the occupations and amusements of those who professed to be saved from sin and hell- followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The handful of fierce, determined ones, who were risking their own lives in saving the perishing were true soldiers of the cross of Jesus. That Mighty Being who was calling to them from the midst of the angry waters was the Son of God, "the same yesterday, today and forever" who is still struggling and interceding to save the dying multitudes about us from this terrible doom of damnation, and whose voice can be heard above the music, machinery, and noise of life, calling on the rescued to come and help Him save the world.

My friends in Christ, you are rescued from the waters, you are on the rock, He is in the dark sea calling on you to come to Him and help Him. Will you go? Look for yourselves. The surging sea of life, crowded with perishing multitudes rolls up to the very spot on which you stand. Leaving the vision, I now come to speak of the fact- a fact that is as real as the Bible, as real as the Christ who hung upon the cross, as real as the judgment day will be, and as real as the heaven and hell that will follow it.

Look! Don’t be deceived by appearances- men and things are not what they seem. All who are not on the rock are in the sea! Look at them from the standpoint of the great White Throne, and what a sight you have! Jesus Christ, the Son of God is, through His Spirit, in the midst of this dying multitude, struggling to save them. And He is calling on you to jump into the sea- to go right away to His side and help Him in the holy strife. Will you jump? That is, will you go to His feet and place yourself absolutely at His disposal?

A young Christian once came to me, and told me that for some time she had been giving the Lord her profession and prayers and money, but now she wanted to give Him her life. She wanted to go right into the fight. In other words, she wanted to go to His assistance in the sea. As when a man from the shore, seeing another struggling in the water, takes off those outer garments that would hinder his efforts and leaps to the rescue, so will you who still linger on the bank, thinking and singing and praying about the poor perishing souls, lay aside your shame, your pride, your cares about other people’s opinions, your love of ease and all the selfish loves that have kept you back for so long, and rush to the rescue of this multitude of dying men and women.

Does the surging sea look dark and dangerous? Unquestionably it is so. There is no doubt that the leap for you, as for everyone who takes it, means difficulty and scorn and suffering. For you it may mean more than this. It may mean death. He who beckons you from the sea however, knows what it will mean - and knowing, He still calls to you and bids to you to come.

You must do it! You cannot hold back. You have enjoyed yourself in Christianity long enough. You have had pleasant feelings, pleasant songs, pleasant meetings, pleasant prospects. There has been much of human happiness, much clapping of hands and shouting of praises- very much of heaven on earth.

Now then, go to God and tell Him you are prepared as much as necessary to turn your back upon it all, and that you are willing to spend the rest of your days struggling in the midst of these perishing multitudes, whatever it may cost you.

You must do it. With the light that is now broken in upon your mind and the call that is now sounding in your ears, and the beckoning hands that are now before your eyes, you have no alternative. To go down among the perishing crowds is your duty. Your happiness from now on will consist in sharing their misery, your ease in sharing their pain, your crown in helping them to bear their cross, and your heaven in going into the very jaws of hell to rescue them.

Now what will you do?

Lord, forgive me for times of self-absorption, for listening to the voices of the world and not Your beautiful, sweet voice calling me to jump. May my tears always be for them... the lost! In Jesus' name! AMEN!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Recipe For Gossip?

Sorry this "recipe" is difficult to see. I tried and tried to make it larger and sharper, but with no success. If you click on the "recipe," it enlarges.

A fellow homeschooling mom, Sue the Study Hall Monitor, and I had a discussion on the destructive power of gossip last week. My friend found this "A Recipe For Gossip" and placed it in my mailbox at our homeschool co-operative.

Chances are many of you reading this post have been hurt by careless words spoken by loose tongues and heard by itching ears, but I exhort you (and myself) do not loose heart or become angry or bitter.

God has commanded us to pray for and bless our enemies. Here's why...Proverbs 18:21 warns us that we will eat the fruit of our words, and that fruit will either be life or death.

Jesus empower us to be slow to speak and quick to listen. Let our tongues be instruments calling forth life!!! In Jesus' name!!! Amen!

A special thank you to the WinePress Publishing Group for permitting me to post their "A Recipe For Gossip."

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Consecrated's 18th birthday picture was taken by Auntie MA on Thanksgiving Day at Auntie JL's house. My son is officially a man!!! Wow, I can hardly believe it!!! Its sounds cliche, but very seems like just yesterday I was holding him my arms as a newborn baby.

Consecrated has blessed me with wisdom beyond his years. A few years ago a potential job opportunity presented itself. I knew with home educating my boys I would not be able to work more than 16 hours a week. The part- time position quickly morphed into a full-time commitment prior to my interview. Because the job was my "dream" job, I continued on with the interview even though deep inside I knew there was no way I could handle a full-time job without compromising my sons' education.

I asked Consecrated to pray about the job position, and he wisely responded, "Mom, it's like algebra. A negative times a positive equals a negative. The job might be the right job (positive) but at the wrong time (negative) which would equal the wrong thing (negative)."

What a blessing to have this young man as my son!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Soccer Boy...Fire

Fire finished up the fall soccer season a few weeks ago with a pizza party at the local pizzeria. After consuming multiple slices of pepperoni laden pie, Fire received his trophy and the honor of the team's MVP and high scorer.

I was proud of Fire, not only for his athletic performance, but mostly for his sportsman-like conduct on and off the field. On the field, he apologized if he accidentally collided with another player and even helped them get up if they got knocked down.

I'm proud and so is Jesus!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Stand Up and Fight

Although the battles rage, the Lord encourages us in ways no man can, and He does it differently in each of His kids; Jesus uses dreams to encourage me. I knew I needed to share this dream after my pastor preached a sermon ("Keeping Your Passion Without Losing Your Cool") on holy anger a few weeks ago. Many of us are in the midst of battle. The Lord's message is clear...He wants us to stand up and fight!!!

11/11/2007 Imagine a bride running...shod with pure white sneakers and clad in a simple, yet beautiful gown. Nothing stops this glorious bride from running to meet her Bridegroom at the covenant altar of marriage.

Now continue to picture the bride in an upstairs room within the church. She applies her makeup, primps her hair and positions her bridal veil affixed to simply beautiful crown upon her head. Her be the object of desire for her groom.

Suddenly, a bridesmaid appears and grabs her veil and crown off of her head. Evil emanates from this counterfeit comrade. The bride immediately responds by attempting to recover the veil/crown and a tug-of-war battle ensues. The bride receives a new resolve, this adversary will not steal her crown away. Filled with holy anger and a clenched fist, she punches this evil directly in the face. Evil retreats, the bride has recovered her bridal veil and crown.

Most Christians will agree that the battles are intensifying as we move toward the end of this age.
The thief (Satan) comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy...this is the battle we are engaged in. Satan wants to steal our crown, but we have been given the power and authority from Jesus to stand up and fight!!!

I've asked the Lord, "What does it mean to punch evil in the face?" He reminded me that I (we) don't fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities and rulers of this world, aka a spiritual fight. For me punching evil in the face looks like this...passionate prayer, liquid prayer, prophetic declaration, abandoned dancing and singing in worship of my Bridegroom, reading the Bible, writing this blog, writing in my personal journal, loving and praying for those who repeatedly hurt and betray me, performing the duties that the Lord has assigned, and denying my flesh!!!

I absolutely cannot war without His Spirit!!! You cannot war without His Spirit!!! In Jesus name, fill us up to overflowing, Lord. Your Spirit empowers us to overcome evil, to punch evil in the face. We will stand up and fight!!!! Evil will not steal our crown!!!! We will be beautiful and prepared for our Bridegroom. All for you Jesus!!!! AMEN!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nothing Without Love

"A Spoon Full of Humbleness" reveals His Resting One's heart (Jesus' heart). Also, don't forget to view the Graham Cook's beautiful!!!

Be blessed today!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Will Sing and Not Be Silent

Psalm 30
A Psalm; a Song at the Dedication of the Temple. [A Psalm] of David.

I WILL extol You, O Lord,
for You have lifted me up
and have not let my foes rejoice over me.

O Lord my God, I cried to You
and You have healed me.

O Lord, You have brought my life up from Sheol (the place of the dead);
You have kept me alive,
that I should not go down to the pit (the grave).

Sing to the Lord, O you saints of His,

and give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name.

For His anger is but for a moment,
but His favor is for a lifetime or in His favor is life.
Weeping may endure for a night,
but joy comes in the morning.

As for me, in my prosperity I said,
I shall never be moved.
By Your favor, O Lord,

You have established me as a strong mountain;
You hid Your face,
and I was troubled.

I cried to You, O Lord,
and to the Lord I made supplication.
What profit is there in my blood,

when I go down to the pit (the grave)?
Will the dust praise You?
Will it declare Your truth and faithfulness to men?

Hear, O Lord, have mercy and be gracious to me!
O Lord, be my helper!
You have turned my mourning into dancing for me;

You have put off my sackcloth and girded me with gladness,

To the end that my tongue and my heart
and everything glorious within me
may sing praise to You and not be silent.

O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Poetry Place: O Fire of God, The Comforter

O Fire of God, The Comforter
by Hildegard

O fire of God, the Comforter, O life of all that live,
Holy art thou to quicken us, and holy, strength to give:

To heal the broken-hearted ones, their sorest wounds to bind,
O Spirit of all holiness, O Lover of mankind!

O sweetest taste within the breast, O grace upon us poured,
That saintly hearts may give again their perfume to the Lord.

O purest fountain! we can see, clear mirrored in thy streams,
That God brings home the wanderers, that God the lost redeems.

O breastplate strong to guard our life, O bond of unity,
O dwelling-place of righteousness save all who trust in thee:

Defend those who in dungeon dark are prisoned by the foe,
And, for thy will is aye to save, let thou the captives go.

O surest way, that through the height and through the lowest deep
And through the earth dost pass, and all in firmest union keep;

From thee the clouds and ether move, from thee the moisture flows
From thee the waters draw their rills, and earth with verdure glows

And thou dost ever teach the wise, and freely on them pour
The inspiration of thy gifts, the gladness of thy lore

All praise to thee, O joy of life, O hope and strength, we raise,
Who givest us the prize of light, who art thyself all praise.

Written during the Dark Ages, this poem continues to call out from the past, through the ages, to the present, "God's Fire is everything we need." Jesus promised us that when He went to the Father, He would send us, The Comforter.

We no longer need to remain in bondage to anything, save righteousness. The Comforter, God's Holy Spirit, draws near to you this time, in this place, just He drew near to Hildegard hundreds of years ago.

Call upon the Comforter in your distress, and He will answer you in ways you have not previously known. His Fire purifies, His Fire heals, His Fire fills you with the power to transform your world to mirror Heaven.

Holy Spirit, Comforter
By Beautiful Grace 11/16/2007

Holy Spirit, Comforter,
Fall on us today,
Empower us, draw us,
And in Your Presence we'll stay.

All life's woes,
All worldly cares,
Dimly fade
As in Your eyes we stare.

Draw us, lead us
And we'll be,
The holy vessels
You already see.

Through Jesus' blood,
Turn from worldly thoughts,
To Heaven's King,
And the Gift He bought.


With Much Love in Christ,
Beautiful Grace :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Liquid Prayer, the Ministry of Tears and Passion in Prayer

"Let us learn to think of tears as liquid prayers; and of weeping as a constant dropping of importunate intercession which will wear its way right surely into the very heart of mercy, despite the stony difficulties which obstruct the way." Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892)

"The tears of John, which were his liquid prayers, were so far as he was concerned, the sacred keys by which the sealed book was opened (Rev. 5:4)." Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-1892)

"Tears and brokenness in the victorious war (Psa. 126:5,6) Tears of sorrow, joy, compassion, exertion and repentance are present in spiritual warfare." Dick Eastman

"In Scripture, tears fulfill a unique purpose in spiritual growth. We discover here that when tears are sown, not only is a spiritual harvest collected, but it leaves a spirit of rejoicing in the sower. This passage, along with others in Scripture that relate to a suffering spirit, describes various purposes and roles connected to what can be called "the ministry of tears", a ministry that Charles Spurgeon defined as "liquid prayer". There are tears of pain or suffering (II Kings 20:5); tears of joy (Gen. 33:4); tears of compassion (John 11:35); tears of desperation (Esther 4:1,3); tears of agony or labor (Isaiah 42:14); tears of repentance (Joel 2:12,13). Clearly, passion is necessary in spiritual warfare." Dick Eastman

I am learning to give my soul to Jesus, meaning sometimes I weep in His Presence. Through my tears, I am giving Him my self-centeredness, my hurts, my fears, my crazy unsettled thoughts, and I have found God honors that kind of honesty and passion. It has been during these times that the Holy Spirit has ministered to me in great beauty, pouring out His love, forgiveness, strength, wisdom or peace (depending on what I need at the time).

However, the bulk of my tears have not been about me, but have been an expression of intercession. I really didn't quite understand what to do with my tears a few years ago, when I dove head first into my intercessory call.

Cold, lifeless prayers for others' healings, revival for our region, and the bondages and sins of others, suddenly became hot and passion-filled prayers that drove me to tears....literally. To be honest, if it were not for the Holy Spirit's Presence in these episodes, I would have thought I was losing it.

Charles Spurgeon's reference to tears as "liquid prayer," is setting me free in this area. The modern Christian church at large has lost some of this kind of passion. We, at least in America, have become like the church at
Laodicea...neither cold nor hot, but Jesus is telling us our faults because He tenderly and dearly loves us, and He desires us to repent. He wants zealous kids, full of holy love and passion, ones who enthusiastically dive into what He had called us to do for Him.

King David was a man after God's own heart. Read David's Psalms and you will see, he was not restricted in giving his whole being to the Lord, including his soul. He was not a perfect man, in that, he made mistakes; he was, however, perfect in taking those mistakes to the Lord and asking Him to intervene.

It is at the feet of Jesus that our tears become worship. Lord, let us be a people after your own heart. Let us not be intimidated by the "Pharisees" who only know You as a mental assent. Let us worship you in spirit and in truth, with ALL of our heart and ALL of soul and ALL of our strength!!!! In Jesus' name and only for His glory!!!! AMEN!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Must Read Blog

His Resting One has a blog at Love Looks Like Something; I encourage you to read her blog, because it reveals one who passionately seeks God's will for her life and then walks it out. I was privileged to meet this godly young woman in person at the baby shower of a mutual friend. My heart burns to see one of those whom God is raising up as a prophetic voice for this generation.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

God's Glory Revealed

I received this interesting information from a former co-worker this morning. One of my passions is finding out about God's creation, especially man. It gives God glory to search Him out. I know some of these statements to be facts, some I hadn't heard of before.

-Scientists say the higher your I.Q. The more you dream.

-The largest cell in the human body is the female egg and the smallest is the male sperm.

-You use 200 muscles to take one step.

-The average woman is 5 inches shorter than the average man.

-Your big toes have two bones each while the rest have three.

-A pair of human feet contain 250,000 sweat glands.

-A full bladder is roughly the size of a soft ball.

-The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades.

-The human brain cell can hold 5 times as much information as the Encyclopedia Britannica.

-It takes the food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach.

-The average human dream lasts 2-3 seconds.

-Men without hair on their chests are more likely to get cirrhosis of the liver than men with hair.

-At the moment of conception, you spent about half an hour as a single cell.

-There is about one trillion bacteria on each of your feet.

-Your body gives off enough heat in 30 minutes to bring half a gallon of water to a boil.

-The enamel in your teeth is the hardest substance in your body.

-Your teeth start developing (in your gums) 6 months before you are born.

-When you are looking at someone you love, your pupils dilate, they do the same when you are looking at someone you hate.

-Blondes have more hair than dark-haired people.

-Your thumb is the same length of your nose.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Personality Test Results

Click to view my Personality Profile page

Classic Mama encouraged this test. I have changed a bit since I was younger. Motherhood makes one reevaluate one's priorities.


INFP - The "Dreamer"
Temperament: NF (Visionary)
Primary Function: Introverted Feeling
Population: 2% (1.5% male, 2.5% female)
Full INFP Profile >>(description, famous people, careers...)

Have a blessed evening,
Beautiful Grace :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mom Update: Huge Praise for Jesus!!!

Dear Praying friends,

I just got back from Mom's follow-up appointment with her surgeon. It turns out that the tumor (which the doctor said was 100% cancer and then rephrased to 99.9% sure it was cancer) IS NOT CANCER!!!! The tumor is called a schwannoma (see below) which is benign and rare. The tumor is being sent to John Hopkins for further study.

When the surgeon told us the tumor was most likely cancer, I immediately said that we would pray and ask the Great Physician to intervene. I reminded the surgeon of our previous conversation, and he said he is not always right. He agreed that if he had come in second to someone, he was glad it was Him (meaning God). Mom just smiled quietly during the conversation.

We celebrated with lunch at Hardees and then stopped to buy the purple mums Mom has been admiring at a local outdoor store.

It's amazing how Jesus intervenes, just when the storm seems to be at its climax. Jesus, the Storm Chaser, prevails!!!!!

You are ALL appreciated and loved!!!
Beautiful Grace :)

A schwannoma is a kind of tumor originating from the Schwann cells. The insulating myelin sheath which covers peripheral nerves is produced by the Schwann cells. Hence, one kind of tumor originating from the Schwann cells is called a schwannoma.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mom Update : Praise!!!

Hi Friends,

Mom was discharged from the hospital yesterday. Yeah God!!! Thank you very much for your prayers!!!

Have and awesome day with Jesus!!
Beautiful Grace :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Mom Update: Praise

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for praying. I checked on Mom before I went to sleep and her nurse said that she was sitting up and eating ice chips and COMFORTABLE. Thank you, Jesus!!!

Appreciate you ALL,
Beautiful Grace :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mom Update: Awesome Praise and Continued Prayer

Dear Friends,

Mom's surgery went very well. There was minimal bleeding and the tumor was completely encased within her left kidney. Praise God!!!

Please pray now for pain relief for Mom. The type of surgery she had is extremely painful. It was difficult to see her in so much pain.

I appreciate all of your prayers and all of your concern!!! Your compassion is a reflection of Jesus.

Bless you,
Beautiful Grace :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No Hearts Fainting From Fear

Luke 21:25-28 (King James Version)

"And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."

The signs of the times are all around us. Waves of fear especially make their presence known at this time in the history of the world. Fear attacks through relationships not aligned with the will of God. Fear attacks through the evening news as "wars and rumors of wars" are reported via the airwaves. Financial challenges tempt one to fear, "Will I be able to pay my bills this month?" After reading a cat scan report, a surgeon declares, "You have a tumor and there is a 99.9% chance it is cancer."

Fear is the opposite of faith. Both fear and faith "see" that which has yet to occur. Fear says, "Unity will never be, satan keeps on twisting and the pain will keep on coming." Fear whispers, "What if a terrorist attacks? Am I safe?" Fear's voice is heard in "I'll lose my house, my car, will my family have its needs met? Paralyzing fear shouts, "You have cancer; You're going to die."

But God has given us a better way. Paul tells us in the book of Philippians that our peace can surpass all understanding through Jesus. This beautiful promise of the Lord is being played out before me through my mother who faces surgery tomorrow. She actually was told by her surgeon that the baseball-sized tumor in her left kidney was most likely cancer. Yet mom's response was not fear, but faith. She exhibits and has consistently exhibited this all surpassing kind of peace that can only come through Jesus!!!

Mom has never been a woman controlled by fear. Her quiet faith just trusts...simple and childlike. Just yesterday, her heart countered fear's attempt at control by declaring, "worrying won't change anything."

I believe Mom's continued attitude of faith has been medically proven by pre-surgical heart testing done to prove her ability to withstand the stress of a difficult surgical intervention. The cardiologist's physician's assistant told her that, "You have the heart of a woman half your age," after reviewing the results of her echocardiogram. The cardiologist commented, "Your heart is strong." Why? Because Mom does not allow the spirit of fear to control her, her heart does not faint!!! Mom's spiritual heart remains strong, thus her physical heart follows.

Mom's attitude of faith continues to be an example to me. I pray that her attitude gives you an example as well.

Be blessed, strengthened, and filled with peace through the heart-knowledge of Jesus!!!! Amen!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mom Update

Hi Prayer Friends,

I wanted to send this good report on my Mom. She saw a cardiologist yesterday and was cleared for her surgery on the 18th. The comment was made that her heart looks like a heart of a woman half her age. PTL!

My mother-in-law is doing well as long as she takes her pain medicine. PTL!

Thank you for your faithful prayers!
Beautiful Grace :)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Dear Friends,

My previous communication stated that my mother-in-law was being discharged from the hospital this past Friday. She actually was discharged yesterday, d/t some fluid building up either in or around her lungs. She is moving remarkably for someone who has 14 rib fractures, 2 lumbar spine fractures and multiple, multiple bruises. I told her she looked like a Smurf.

Praise to Jesus for answering our prayers!!! Please continue to pray that she does not develop pneumonia.

You are appreciated,
Beautiful Grace :)

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Dear friends,

Be blessed by this prophetic post. Bob Sorge so beautifully describes what my heart longs for. The last few years, my continuing prayer has been, "Let my worship burn for the world to see." I want to be a never-ending "flame of fire" ministering to my Jesus!!!

In the fiery love of Jesus,
Beautiful Grace

"His 'consuming fire' will burn away all from your life, until all that's left is love itself."

My prayer life was transformed when I discovered that prayer is the glorious adventure of an unfolding, growing, reciprocating relationship with the living God of the universe. Nothing excels the glory of burning with holy longing before a burning God who blazes with fiery passions for weak but lovesick worshipers.

I didn't stumble or wander accidentally into this discovery; it was a divine set-up. I was ambushed. In my case, a personal trial has been used by God to totally rewrite my spiritual DNA, redirect the course of my life, and bring me to the threshold of a relationship that I always longed for but didn't know how to find. The calamity made me absolutely desperate for God. I began to scour God's Word like a starving man trying to stay alive. It wasn't the fiery trial that changed me; it was the desperate pursuit of God in the trial that changed me.

There are two Scriptures that define my place before God in my present season. The first is Deuteronomy 10:8, "At that time the LORD separated the tribe of Levi to bear the ark of the covenant of the LORD, to stand before the LORD to minister to Him and to bless in His name, to this day." I now see my primary calling as being that of standing before God and ministering to Him. No great agenda, no mighty ambitions, no rush to move on to the next thing. I just stand before Him and love Him.

The second Scripture is Revelation 4:5, "Seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God." When I saw the phrase, "burning before the throne," my heart cried out, "Lord, I want those same words to characterize my life. I too want to stand before You and burn before Your throne!"

I have discovered who I am. I am a holy one (not because of who I am, but because of where I am) who stands before the throne of The Holy One, gazes upon His beauty and majesty, the fire that flows from His throne (see Daniel 7:10) flowing into my heart, setting me ablaze with the same fiery passions that kindle God's heart, and now my love flows back to Him like a volcanic eruption as my heart responds to the love He is now igniting in my heart (see Romans 5:5).

I will burn before Him for eternity. I will always stand here. By His grace, I shall never be moved. May nothing of this world or of hell's assault ever deter me from this holy stand before His throne. I've tasted of the ultimate privilege of burning before His throne, and I'm ruined for anything less.

Simply Stand

There are seasons when God calls us to simply stand. We might prefer the adrenalin of chasing down a great cause, but sometimes God calls us to stop all activity and just stand. Sometimes He gives us no choice. Occasionally, circumstances will constrain us beyond our ability to steer a different course, and we become prisoners to the chains that bind us to God's will. Incapable of extricating ourselves and moving on to the next thing, all we can do is stand and burn in holy love for our King.

It is commonly said, "Don't just stand there, do something!" When circumstances in our lives are careening out of control, the great temptation--when you don't know what to do--is to do something. "God can't steer a stationary vehicle," they say, "So start moving out on something, and let God direct your course."

That may be the way to go in some situations, but the Lord has been leading me in a different path. He inverted that common saying and gave it to me this way, "Don't just do something, stand there!" It came like this: "When you don't know what to do, don't just do something! Wait on Me, stand before Me, minister to Me, until. Until I speak. When I speak to you, then you can move out in response. But until I speak, just stand there."

I've been gripped recently by the phrase, "the fire never says, 'Enough!'" (Proverbs 30:16). There is a fire in God that is never satisfied; and there's a fire in me, placed there by God, that is never satisfied. The fire in me is constantly reaching out for more of God; and the fire in Him responds by desiring more of me in return. Eternity will be the unending adventure of ever giving more of our hearts in fiery love to Him, as He eternally unfolds more of His glorious beauty to us.

Do something dangerous. Get alone with God! His "consuming fire" will burn away all from your life, until all that's left is love itself. This is our God, "Who makes...His ministers a flame of fire" (Hebrews 1:7).

He'll make you one, too, if you'll let Him.

Bob Sorge
Oasis House Ministries

Friday, September 28, 2007

More Pics From Super Hero Night

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Adventures of Mega Mom

The Fuel Meeting (Youth Group) hosted its first "Super Hero Night" this past Wednesday night. I thought you might enjoy some pictures of the event and a description of Mega Mom's super powers.

Mega Mom...

*sports the ability to determine if the activities her children
are involved in are appropriate with her famous "Mommy Meter."

*has grown "eyes on the back of her head". She ALWAYS knows what her children are doing.

*has a motto..."working hard to make you work harder."

*yields a loaf of French bread and uses it to subdue her children by feeding them until they are stupefied and can no longer resist her commands.

*wears a utility belt holding her cell phone (on which she talks incessantly in order to paralyze her children into submission)

*uses her toilet bowl brush (which she uses to clean all commodes in order to protect her children from villainous microorganisms)

*flings her feather duster (used to clean her children's abode, freeing it from the dreaded "Dust Bunny," the mortal enemy of the Mega Family).

*senses danger and springs into action protecting her children with her "bulging eye" weapon and scares the perpetrator away with one glance.

Mom Update: Praise and Prayer

Dear Praying Friends,

Awesome praise...Mom received news that she is cleared of the C. difficile infection, which had been causing severe diarrhea. She was discharged from the visiting nurses yesterday and is doing well! She will have pre-op testing done today and will be seen by a cardiologist on Friday, to be cleared for her surgery, which is scheduled for October 18th (Mom and Dad's anniversary).

Additional Mom mother-in-law was in a car accident yesterday and is currently in Hershey Medical Center. She has multiple rib fractures and a bruised heart and lungs (her chest hit the steering wheel). She is in quite a bit of pain. Please pray!

Thank you, Jesus, for protecting my mother-in-law. This accident could have caused much, much more trauma.

Beautiful Grace :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Naked and Not Ashamed

And the man and his wife were both naked and were not embarrassed or ashamed in each other's presence. Genesis 2:25 (Amplified)

The verse above refers to Adam and Eve, creation's first husband and wife. Physically naked, they walked and talked and loved each other. They were a perfect match, made by the Perfect Matchmaker.

Before the fall, they knew no sin; therefore, they had no need for embarrassment or shame even in nakedness. They were clothed with innocence. When sin tainted the perfection of God's creation, all of that changed. Now their eyes were opened, and they were ashamed!!!

September 22, 2007, marks Strongman and my twenty-third anniversary. In the last twenty-three years, we have seen each other at our worst and our best, but only a few years ago did I realize that not only can I be physically naked and not ashamed in my husband's presence, but more importantly, I can be spiritually naked before my husband and not be ashamed. He has proven to be my most trustworthy and faithful friend (next to Jesus). Never have I met another human being, who really knows my weaknesses, yet has NEVER ONCE made me to feel embarrassed or ashamed. He loves me in process. :)

I take this opportunity to thank you, Strongman, for your faithfulness and love. We definitely have lived "for better and for worse, in sickness and in health" in our marriage, but through it all, you have remained steadfast. He is changing both of us from glory to glory.

Happy Anniversary, Strongman. I love you!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mom Update: Praise and Prayer

Dear Friends,

Mom saw the surgeon yesterday. She will need to have surgery to remove her left kidney sometime in October (we don't know the date yet). The tests show the tumor has not spread beyond the kidney and is actually contained within the kidney. PTL!!!

Mom will need to be completely free from infection (the visiting nurses are collecting a stool specimen today) and be cleared by her cardiologist, prior to the surgery (she had an appointment on 9/28).

Thank you for every prayer uttered. It is through your prayers that His power is released!!!! No matter what our physical eyes see, heaven's plan will manifest itself in the earthly realm!!! In Jesus name!!!!

Bless you all,
Beautiful Grace :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Praise and Prayer: Mom Update

Dear Friends,

Mom was discharged on Wednesday night. She is still having diarrhea, but has not had a fever!!! PTL!!!! Please pray that she is able to keep track of her many pills; I'm sure she is a little overwhelmed with ten of them. Please pray that she actually takes the time to rest. She has a servant's heart and tends to overdue her activities.

Praise You, Jesus, for giving me a Mom who has modeled servanthood. She is unassuming, humble and truly loves.

May the Lord of Light and Life reveal Himself to you. May He wake you in the night with songs of love and touch your heart as no human being can! Amen!!!!

With love,
Beautiful Grace :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Praise and Prayer: Mom Update

Dear Friends,

I visited Mom yesterday...her leg looks better than I have seen it in years!!! Praise and honor and glory to Jesus!!! She has not had diarrhea since Saturday. PTL!!!

She was diagnosed with C-Diff. (the "bad" bacteria of the intestine overgrew because the "good" bacteria were killed of as a result of all the antibiotics Mom has received recently). C-Diff. is an extremely contagious infection, therefore, Mom needs to be in contact isolation, which means we must gown and glove to visit her.

Mom is eating her yogurt to restore the balance of bacteria in her intestines and says she feels better, but is still a little wiped out.

Please pray for continued increase in strength for Mom and a complete eradication of these pesty infections, in Jesus name!!!!

Mom is an intercessor, and I declare that these attacks on her physical body would not impede her in bringing people and situations before the throne of the Most High God!!!! May she pray, just what Jesus is praying at He sits by the right hand of God!!!! AMEN!!!!!

With love,
Beautiful Grace :)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Praise and Prayer: Mom Update

Dear Friends,

Mom was readmitted to the hospital this afternoon. She developed weakness with a fever of 101˚ F and diarrhea. She may have an infection caused by the many antibiotics she's had lately.

Thank Jesus that Mom's leg is not becoming worse. I praise you Lord for her openness and love toward You. This would be much harder if my Mom didn't know You.

Please pray for her immune system to pick up the pace in fighting these infections.

May His blessings overflow you!!!

With love,
Beautiful Grace :)

Poetry Place: "Psalm of Beautiful Grace"

This psalm was written at the beginning of the season that God currently has me in. The last six years have been ones of intensity in trials and tribulations, but more importantly, they have been ones of deliverance and preparation.

I post this prophetic psalm now in honor the approaching new year, the final year of my current season of preparation...a year of coming full circle and new beginnings.

Be blessed, my friends!!!

Psalm of Beautiful Grace
Written after reading Psalm 119.
12/15/01 4:00 am

Teach me Your commandments,
That I might not sin against You.
Give me Your understanding,
That I may keep Your whole word.

I cry out to You with my soul- to You, my God.
For You alone can save me.

You are my Portion.
You are my Provider.

Your mercy endures forever,
And Your loving-kindness is poured out to me.
You are the Treasure that I seek.

I have sought for You my whole life!
I searched for You, before I even knew You.
My soul remembered the day of my creation,
The day Your awesome hand fashioned me
In my mother’s womb.

My spirit rejoices in the day of my salvation,
That day long ago.
You did not leave me in my tears.
You did not forsake me in my sins.

You provided a way for me, a path on which to walk.
Your Holy Spirit has led me in Your ways.
Strengthen me by Your Spirit,
That I would always obey Your commands.
For You delight in obedience, more than sacrifices.

Teach me to walk in Your ways, forevermore.
I will be pleasing to You all the days of my life.
Your salvation is never ending,
And my reward is eternity with You.

Let me sit at Your feet and worship You, my King.
Allow me to anoint You with my tears.
Your love is sweet, it touches my soul,
My spirit rejoices in Your touch.

You call me as a lover calls His beloved
With gentle cords and a soft voice.
Teach me Your love; Whisper Your heart.
Impart to me the ways that will touch Your heart.

Your eyes search.
Search for me, my Lord!
Let them rest on Your servant.

Your eyes are flaming; They are fire.
They pierce through the facade of men.
They view the heart.
Your eyes melt me!

Where can I go to hide from you?
Why would I ever want to hide from my strength,
My fortress?
For when I fall, You pick me up.
When I transgress, You wipe me clean.

All things are possible with You, my Abba.
You have the power to make all my ways straight.
Let me always rely on You.

My children will bless You, because of my ways.
Let Your holy name be praised!

You are perfect- the consummation of perfection.
Let Your perfection consume me.
Let Your ways bring me peace.

My enemies try to turn me from You,
But they will not succeed,
For I am in the palm of my Creator’s hand,
And no one may snatch me from You.

Strengthen me with Your love.
Let your Holy Fire burn in me.
Let me never put You to shame.
I’m after Your heart!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mom Update: Praise and Prayer

Dear friends,

Mom was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday evening!!! PTL!!! However, she was unable to have the MRI and Kidney Functions Scan there. I was able to reschedule those appointments for today. Please remember Mom in your prayers.

Her leg is much improved (PTL!!), but it definitely is still infected. She is currently taking antibiotics by mouth at home. She now is taking two new meds due to the new diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. Please pray that she is free from the potential side effects of these powerful meds.

Please pray for the staff at Holy Spirit Hospital, especially the nurses. Being in the hospital environment again has caused me to remember how difficult it can be for nurses. Pray blessing upon them!!!

May His blessings be multiplied to you!!!

With love,
Beautiful Grace :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Meme - 5 Things I Dig about Jesus

I was tagged by Sandy over at Dark Chocolate and Jesus for this meme. There are many things that I love "dig" about Jesus, but listed are the first five that come to me.

1. I love "dig" that He desires to be with me. I talk to Him about EVERYTHING! He is never distracted or hurried. He is my voice of reason for this naturally emotional girl.

2. I love "dig" how He loves me, though He is aware of every misstep, mistake, sin...He chooses not to remember them.

3. I love "dig" how He loves me through others. I've received so many beautiful encouragements and prayers over the years. Thank you to all who allow His love to flow through you!!

4. I love "dig" how He loves me through the rough seasons in life. Actually, it is during the roughest seasons in my life that He has revealed Himself the most. Thank You, Jesus!!!

5. I love "dig" that He allows me to be His ambassador, speaking truth and life to others.

What I Did This Summer

Guess what I did over the summer? If you said, prepared for Consecrated's senior year and Fire's freshman year, you'd be correct. However, that's not what I was thinking of.

After stumbling upon the National Center for Home Food Preservation's website, I am a graduate of the University of Georgia's canning course. I have been canning for about eight or nine years, but this summer I decided to actually take this free course over the Internet.

I recommend this course to any of you, who have a desire to learn this traditional and economical means of preserving food.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Praise and Prayer: Mom Update

Dear friends,

Dad called me yesterday morning. It turns out that Mom's Left leg infection (cellulitis) and her bladder infection has returned. Praise God that she was not mentally out of it like she was the last time. Thank you, Jesus!!! However, she is very weak, to the point of even falling after getting out of bed yesterday morning.

Another praise was the speed of the admission process in the Emergency Room at Holy Spirit Hospital. In the past, it took into the early morning hours until the decision was made for Mom to be admitted. This is a direct answer to prayer as my sister-in-law, Plain and Simple, and I declared that the Emergency Room visit would be shortened. God's answer...I got home around 9:30 pm. Thanks Jesus, for caring about the physical rest out bodies need!!!

Another praise is that the MRI and Renal Function tests will be done while Mom is in the hospital. This saves my brother, Pastor Brother, from making an extra trip to Harrisburg. Thank You, Jesus for begin concerned about our time schedules!!!

Watching my parents last night was beautiful!! As Dad said goodbye to Mom, He told her to be a brave soldier and proceeded to kiss her on the neck. Her response was giggles. I love having parents who love each other completely, playfully and faithfully. Praise You, Jesus!!!

Please pray that the leg infection and the bladder infection resolve completely!!!! Most likely the antibiotics used the last time were not effective in completely destroying the assaulting bacteria. Also pray, for Mom's heart to pump normally. They found that she has what's called atrial fibrillation...meaning, the top part of her heart quivers instead of pumps effectively at times. This has the potential of causing clots to be formed in the blood.

Your prayers touch eternity. Thank you, on behalf of our family!!!

Always in Jesus,
Beautiful Grace :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Purple Door 2007

I spent this past weekend on Ski Roundtop! For the past several years, our family has made the trek to Mt. Airy for the annual Purple Door Christian Music Festival.

This year was a particular blessing for two reasons. The majority of bands I saw left no doubt as to how they felt about Jesus, encouraging the listeners in the love and forgiveness of the Lord. The passion they spoke and sang about was more than rehearsed religious speeches.

The second reason I was blessed was because of meeting, Michael Barnes, the lead singer of one of my favorite bands “Red.” I had heard on TVU (the Christian alternative to MTV) that he was a registered nurse. When questioned about his nursing background, he quickly pulled out the wallet-sized version of his nursing license form his wallet to present to me. In talking to him, I found out that he considers his music to be a type of spiritual nursing. (AWESOME!!)

What a blessing to meet a young man who is using the gifts the Lord has given him, whether music, compassion or intelligence, to serve the Lord by serving others. What a blessing to see the next generation making use of “hard rock” music to bring glory to the Lord!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mom Update: Praise and Prayer

Dear friends,

Mom is scheduled for an MRI and Renal Function tests on Friday. Please pray that God will be glorified in all of the test findings. Mom did feel that the Lord healed her this past Tuesday at Christ Community's healing service.

Praise the Lord for the seeds of faith planted in Mom!!! Continue to pray that any plant not planted by the Lord would be uprooted.

Thank you for caring and praying!

Beautiful Grace :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Praise and Prayer: Mom Update

Mom, Dad and I attended the healing services last night at Christ Community Church, and it was beautiful! Mom was visibly touched by the love of Jesus, and she declared, "I am healed." Praise, praise, praise, my wonderful Jesus!!!

Please pray that the seed of faith planted in Mom would be protected and that it would grow into a healthy, strong tree which bears good fruit.

Please ask the Lord to uproot any plant in Mom which the Lord has not planted.

All glory to Jesus, the Matchless One!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Praise and Prayer: Mom Update

God...all powerful, full of love and mercy, reaches down from Heaven by His Spirit to touch the hearts of men. Thank You for Your beautiful touch, my King!!!

Today was difficult, but at times during the day, I could feel the Lord's Presence physically, encouraging me to continue to trust Him. He is Good!!!

Found out today the surgery will be more difficult than the surgeon first thought, and that metastasis (spread) is a possibility. He did agree to let Mom have an MRI at my request.

Mom will attend healing services tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. at Christ Community Church. If you can attend, great. If you can't, please remember Mom during that time.

Youth Explosion 2007: Radiate

I'm tired. I'm sore. I'm blessed!!!!! I had the privilege of being one of the youth counselors at this year's Youth Explosion, hosted by Christ Community Church and held at Messiah College.

God amazingly touched the lives of over 150 teens this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Passionate worship, unbridled by tradition, led by the worship band "Radiant," set up the atmosphere for the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord to pour Himself out unreservedly.

Thank You, Lord for allowing me to witness Your awesome ways. All praise to You, my Great Lord and King!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Praise and Prayer

Visited Mom, yesterday. She reports she has much more energy, more than in a long time!!! Her vital signs are great. Praise Jesus for His healing power!!! Thank you for your faithful prayers.

Mom is scheduled for an appointment with the kidney doctor on Monday the 13th of August. I will request another CT scan prior to the surgery. We wouldn't Mom to have unecessary surgery!!!

Please continue to pray for peace for Mom and Dad (they are doing well).

Please continue to pray that the left kidney tumor shrinks away to nothing, because NO THING is impossible for our God.

Pray for favor with the surgeon, that he would agree to a pre-surgical CT scan.

Pray life to the vision my brother, Plain and Simple's DSH had...The doctor showing x-ray films to my Dad of before and after Mom's healing.

Praise Jesus for ALL the good He does. Praise Him in the calm. Praise Him in the storm. Praise Him because HE IS WORTHY!!!

Blessings and love!! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

High School High Questions Answered

1. Who was your best friend?
Sue C.

2. Did you play any sports?
Are you kidding!?!? My motto was and is, “Thou shalt not sweat.”

3. What kind of car did you drive?
Plymouth, Volare; Grand Safari (I'm not sure what company manufactured); Ford, Fairmont.

4. It’s Friday night. Where were you?
With Strongman, bowling or watching T.V.

5. Were you a party animal?
NO, I was a homebody. Still am.

6. Were you considered a flirt?
Strongman was my only high school boyfriend (first and last)

7. Were you in the band, orchestra or choir?
Absolutely, it was the only thing I really enjoyed about high school. I especially enjoyed being involved with the Trojanaires ( a small singing group) and the high school musical, “Of Thee I Sing.”

8. Were you a nerd?
It depended on who you spoke to. My singing buddies thought I was o.k. Some people still do think I'm a little strange, but I try to listen to Jesus about what He says about me, not the voices of the world.

9. Were you ever suspended or expelled?
No, but I did “earn” a warning with the threat of detention in my senior year. I skipped a class during “Student is a Teacher Day”. The principal, Dave C., one of my singing buddies, gave me a speech on how disappointed he was in me. I'm sorry, Dave!!! Forgive me, Jesus!!!

10. Can you sing the fight song?
Yes, the chorus!!! It was “We Will Rock You”

11. Who was your favorite teacher?
Mr. Hamme (art), Mrs. Hassinger (creative writing and literature), Mr. Foster (social studies and sociology), Mr. Adams (history, didn't like the subject but loved the man) Each one of these educators encouraged me and because of it, caused me to make positive decisions for my future or rethink my self-worth.

12. What was your school mascot?
a Trojan

13. Did you go to the Prom?
Yes, 2 times, both with Strongman

14. If you could go back, would you?
No. I made some unwise choices in high school, but the Lord has taken my unwise choices and made me into the person I am today… I am o.k. with that!

15. What do you remember most about graduation?
Feeling free!!!!

16. Where were you on Senior Skip Day?
I didn’t skip (o.k., maybe I was a little nerdy, but at the time I went to school, it was a serious thing to skip school. Nowadays, the schools expect a Senior Skip Day)

17. Did you have a job your senior year?
No, I was too busy with extra-curricular music stuff.

18. Where did you go most often for lunch?
The Covered Bridge

19. Have you gained weight since then?
Yes… ;)

20. What did you do after graduation?
I attended Steelton-Highspire Tech. and became a practical nurse. Then I got a job, got married to Strongman, attended HACC and became an R.N.

21. What year did you graduate?

22. Who was your Senior Prom Date?

23. Are you going/did you go to your 10 year reunion?
Yes, I did go to my tenth, but I won’t be attending my twenty-fifth. It is scheduled on Strongman and my 23rd anniversary. I think I’ll celebrate with him instead. ;)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

God Story: "I Am Changing Your Genetic Structure" Part 2

"Magnetic forces at the center of the galaxy have twisted a nebula into the shape of DNA, a new study reveals. The double helix shape is commonly seen inside living organisms, but this is the first time it has been observed in the cosmos." "Nobody has ever seen anything like that before in the cosmic realm," said the study's lead author Mark Morris of UCLA. "Most nebulae are either spiral galaxies full of stars or formless amorphous conglomerations of dust and gas—space weather. What we see indicates a high degree of order. These observations, made with NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, are detailed in the March 16 (2006) issue of the journal Nature."

Jesus continued to remind me of His intentions to change my genetic structure on August 1, 2005 as I read, "Understanding and Breaking the Cycle of Infirmity" by Chuck Pierce, Glory of Zion International with Dr's Dee Legako and Pat Legako. This article explains how DNA is linked, not only to physical inheritance, but that it also links us with past generations. The article is spiritually deep, but gives more explanation as to why God told me that He was changing my DNA.

Life's dins continued and intensified, but God kept reminding me of His promise. I lost count of how many prophetic e-mails I received referring to God changing our DNA. I'd watch a program on Sky Angel and the preacher would refer to our DNA being linked to the DNA of Jesus.

By the spring of 2006, the dins were deafening, and that's when the beautiful encouragement of the DNA Nebula arrived in my e-mail inbox (see above). I opened the e-mail from and began to weep. The Lord loved me so much that He even used secular science to encourage me. Maybe He even created the DNA Nebula for the purpose of encouraging me and people like me?

I was super-excited about how God was speaking. I was teaching biology to a group of home schooled students at that time, and I'll bet you can guess what we happened to be studying at the time...genetics and DNA!!! :)

After that, I saw DNA license plates (lost count as to how many) and while searching for a book for Consecrated to read was handed a book by the librarian entitled, "Double Helix." God was adamant about my receiving His promise and deliverance!!!

Jesus, Himself, experienced the torment of anxiety and depression (Luke 22:44; Matthew 26:37; Mark 14:33). Jesus experienced, battled and won!!!! No matter the affliction...emotional, spiritual or physical, Jesus has won!!!! He has deep compassion for our sufferings, because He has been there Himself!

If you need the Lord to heal you, run to Him. Allow Him to embrace you and break the chains that bind. It makes no difference whether the captor is depression or cancer or a cold. Look to God, look to His heavens!!! You will see how He will encourage and speak and provide deliverance for You as well.

"My chains are gone. I've been set free. My God, my Savior has ransomed me. And like a flood His mercy reigns. Unending love, Amazing grace!" Chris Tomlin

Praise and Prayer

Dear Praying Friends,

My mother was discharged from the hospital Saturday. The infection in her leg has improved dramatically. PTL!!!!

As some of you already know, during the testing procedure, a baseball-sized mass was noted on her left kidney. The doctors say it and the kidney must come out!! Please pray for my Mom. We want God to take care of the tumor.

Please pray that our faith is enlarged in order to receive the great miracle Jesus has for Mom.

Please pray that it shrinks away to NOTHING. NO THING is impossible for Jesus!!!!

Please pray for continued peace and wisdom for Mom and Dad and all of the family.

Blessings and love!!!