Monday, May 11, 2009

Experiencing Heaven Through Our Five Senses: Part Three, Seeing Him

I realize this subject may be foreign and even a little scary, to some of my blog readers. Ask yourself, why would we be frightened by God desiring to speak to us, touch us or even by God allowing us to see into the spiritual realm? My suggestion is to search the Scripture, and ask Jesus about all of this. There was a time in my life when I wasn't able to receive the things about which I have been posting.

Seeing into the spiritual realm provides clarity for the circumstances in which we find ourselves, yet sometimes, seeing just stirs up more questions. This has been my observation with experiencing God through the sense of sight. As much as I love Him, I do remember that GOD IS GOD, PERIOD! His ways definitely are higher than mine and His thoughts much deeper, therefore, I do not always understand what He is allowing me to see.

1 Corinthians 13:12 "For now we are looking in a mirror that gives only a dim (blurred) reflection [of reality asin a riddle or enigma], but then [when perfection comes] we shall see in reality and face to face! Now I know in part (imperfectly), but then I shall know and understand fully and clearly, even in the same manner as I have been fully and clearly known and understood [by God]." Amplified Version

I am a dreamer, and have been one since childhood. What does the word of God say about "seeing" through dreams/visions?

Matthew 1:20 Joseph is instructed to take Mary as his wife by an angel in a dream.

Matthew 2:12 The wise men were warned not to return to Herod through a dream.

Matthew 2:13 Joseph was told to flee to Egypt with Mary and Jesus while dreaming.

Acts 2: 7-21 God's Spirit is poured out in the last days manifesting in prophesy, dreams, visions.

Genesis 40-41 Israel and Egypt are saved from famine because of God's instructions through dreams.

As a young girl, I did not understand that God still uses dreams today in order to communicate encouragement, direction, and warning. Today, I look forward to my sleep time, anticipating what God may reveal. Through this blog, I have already given examples of how God has used my sense of sight to encourage, direct and warn. He has encouraged by revealing a DNA molecule, directed by floating red, high-topped sneakers, and warned by a bride fighting to retain her crown.

Several years ago, I had a dream which I will not forget. I was in a school, the warning bell had rung, and it was time to go to my locker to get my books for the next class. I approached my locker, number 137, noticing that the word DESTINY was spray painted over it in large red letters. I was unable to open the combination lock, and because of this, became more and more anxious. I didn't want to be late for class! I looked down the hall to my left and noticed a friend had opened her lock without difficulty, grabbed her books and headed to class. I didn't understand why I was having such difficulty in opening my lock. Suddenly, behind me, I heard the janitor say, "I'll take care of that lock for you." He easily removed the lock and opened the locker door. I reached into the locker and found no books. I became anxious again, thinking, I won't be prepared for class! At the bottom of the locker, I found an envelope. Inside was a bill, which I thought was unpaid. Again this caused distress to rise up. I opened the to envelope to find that my father had already paid the bill. I was debt free!!!!!

The interpretation of the dream is that my destiny is locked up. I observe other Christians appear to be able to open the door to their destiny without difficulty. The locker number-137, was the goal weight that I had set during a period of dieting. The janitor, representing Jesus, was the One Who unlocked my destiny/goal. I thought that my destiny rested on studying, but in reality, my destiny/goal only relies on the fact that my debts (sins) have been paid by my Father (God). I woke up with deep peace flooding my soul.

Friends, ask the Lord to open your eyes that you may see Him. There is nothing better than having the God of the universe encourage and direct your life!!!

Holy Spirit, You are pouring yourself out on all flesh. Cause ALL FLESH to not only hear and feel You, but to see You as well. May the Spirit of the Living God reveal Himself in greater measures to you today in Jesus' name, AMEN!!!


Julie said...

We have dreams here in our house that speak to us too. I've also had visions, things I see clearly in my mind. God speaks to me through visual pictures in daily things. I believe He wants to show us much more than we can imagine if we would open ourselves up for it.

I remember vividly one day when my husband and I were sitting in our living room. All of a sudden my husband smelled the scent of freshly cut grass. He asked me if I smelled it. I didn't. We looked around to see if anyone was cutting their grass... nope. The words prompted to him in those moments was "springtime, new beginnings."....

I love how those times happen with God. I want to taste, smell, see, hear, touch all that He will reveal.

Thanks for sharing this!

Crown of Beauty said...

I thank you for this post, BG. GOd does want to be experienced, touched, felt, seen! How great and how gentle is our God at the same time. I am praying indeed that I will "see" more and more of Him.

Thank you. Your posts have been such a blessing to me.