Monday, December 3, 2007

Stand Up and Fight

Although the battles rage, the Lord encourages us in ways no man can, and He does it differently in each of His kids; Jesus uses dreams to encourage me. I knew I needed to share this dream after my pastor preached a sermon ("Keeping Your Passion Without Losing Your Cool") on holy anger a few weeks ago. Many of us are in the midst of battle. The Lord's message is clear...He wants us to stand up and fight!!!

11/11/2007 Imagine a bride running...shod with pure white sneakers and clad in a simple, yet beautiful gown. Nothing stops this glorious bride from running to meet her Bridegroom at the covenant altar of marriage.

Now continue to picture the bride in an upstairs room within the church. She applies her makeup, primps her hair and positions her bridal veil affixed to simply beautiful crown upon her head. Her be the object of desire for her groom.

Suddenly, a bridesmaid appears and grabs her veil and crown off of her head. Evil emanates from this counterfeit comrade. The bride immediately responds by attempting to recover the veil/crown and a tug-of-war battle ensues. The bride receives a new resolve, this adversary will not steal her crown away. Filled with holy anger and a clenched fist, she punches this evil directly in the face. Evil retreats, the bride has recovered her bridal veil and crown.

Most Christians will agree that the battles are intensifying as we move toward the end of this age.
The thief (Satan) comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy...this is the battle we are engaged in. Satan wants to steal our crown, but we have been given the power and authority from Jesus to stand up and fight!!!

I've asked the Lord, "What does it mean to punch evil in the face?" He reminded me that I (we) don't fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities and rulers of this world, aka a spiritual fight. For me punching evil in the face looks like this...passionate prayer, liquid prayer, prophetic declaration, abandoned dancing and singing in worship of my Bridegroom, reading the Bible, writing this blog, writing in my personal journal, loving and praying for those who repeatedly hurt and betray me, performing the duties that the Lord has assigned, and denying my flesh!!!

I absolutely cannot war without His Spirit!!! You cannot war without His Spirit!!! In Jesus name, fill us up to overflowing, Lord. Your Spirit empowers us to overcome evil, to punch evil in the face. We will stand up and fight!!!! Evil will not steal our crown!!!! We will be beautiful and prepared for our Bridegroom. All for you Jesus!!!! AMEN!!!!


Sandy said...

I love the picture, it so describes your post/dream. At one time I thought the dreams I had are due to wacked out hormones, but I truly believes God reveals Himself through our dreams. The battle belongs to the Lord, and yes it is a battle!

Thanks for the comment on my blog about migraines! I appreciate your prayers. We really should try to meet sometime. I am just in Lancaster. :)

Beautiful Grace said...

Yes, I'd love to meet you in person, however, I'm a little tied up during the school year (as are you). We usually finish up school in April. I know you go longer though. Anyway, maybe we could meet somewhere in Harrisburg and have lunch or something. I really have appreciated your godly insight, and I'd like to give you a hug. :)

Bless you!!! :)

Sandy said...

Sounds like a good plan to meet this summer!! :)