Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Adventures of Mega Mom

The Fuel Meeting (Youth Group) hosted its first "Super Hero Night" this past Wednesday night. I thought you might enjoy some pictures of the event and a description of Mega Mom's super powers.

Mega Mom...

*sports the ability to determine if the activities her children
are involved in are appropriate with her famous "Mommy Meter."

*has grown "eyes on the back of her head". She ALWAYS knows what her children are doing.

*has a motto..."working hard to make you work harder."

*yields a loaf of French bread and uses it to subdue her children by feeding them until they are stupefied and can no longer resist her commands.

*wears a utility belt holding her cell phone (on which she talks incessantly in order to paralyze her children into submission)

*uses her toilet bowl brush (which she uses to clean all commodes in order to protect her children from villainous microorganisms)

*flings her feather duster (used to clean her children's abode, freeing it from the dreaded "Dust Bunny," the mortal enemy of the Mega Family).

*senses danger and springs into action protecting her children with her "bulging eye" weapon and scares the perpetrator away with one glance.


Classic MaMa said...

I read this to Not-So-Classic this morning and we both lost it when we read your motto. I'll have to use that! You are such a great sport!!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Well God has certainly blessed you with a good sense of humor! What a mom you are to show up as Mega Mom! Love your motto!
Sounds fun!

Beautiful Grace said...

Actually, I didn't make up the motto, Consecrated did a couple of years ago in regards to how I work and make them work on their schooling. He is blessed with an expressive ability.

Also, for those of you reading about Mega Mom...I aspire to be like her, but fall short. I have the "Dust Bunnies" to prove it. :)