Friday, November 16, 2007

Poetry Place: O Fire of God, The Comforter

O Fire of God, The Comforter
by Hildegard

O fire of God, the Comforter, O life of all that live,
Holy art thou to quicken us, and holy, strength to give:

To heal the broken-hearted ones, their sorest wounds to bind,
O Spirit of all holiness, O Lover of mankind!

O sweetest taste within the breast, O grace upon us poured,
That saintly hearts may give again their perfume to the Lord.

O purest fountain! we can see, clear mirrored in thy streams,
That God brings home the wanderers, that God the lost redeems.

O breastplate strong to guard our life, O bond of unity,
O dwelling-place of righteousness save all who trust in thee:

Defend those who in dungeon dark are prisoned by the foe,
And, for thy will is aye to save, let thou the captives go.

O surest way, that through the height and through the lowest deep
And through the earth dost pass, and all in firmest union keep;

From thee the clouds and ether move, from thee the moisture flows
From thee the waters draw their rills, and earth with verdure glows

And thou dost ever teach the wise, and freely on them pour
The inspiration of thy gifts, the gladness of thy lore

All praise to thee, O joy of life, O hope and strength, we raise,
Who givest us the prize of light, who art thyself all praise.

Written during the Dark Ages, this poem continues to call out from the past, through the ages, to the present, "God's Fire is everything we need." Jesus promised us that when He went to the Father, He would send us, The Comforter.

We no longer need to remain in bondage to anything, save righteousness. The Comforter, God's Holy Spirit, draws near to you this time, in this place, just He drew near to Hildegard hundreds of years ago.

Call upon the Comforter in your distress, and He will answer you in ways you have not previously known. His Fire purifies, His Fire heals, His Fire fills you with the power to transform your world to mirror Heaven.

Holy Spirit, Comforter
By Beautiful Grace 11/16/2007

Holy Spirit, Comforter,
Fall on us today,
Empower us, draw us,
And in Your Presence we'll stay.

All life's woes,
All worldly cares,
Dimly fade
As in Your eyes we stare.

Draw us, lead us
And we'll be,
The holy vessels
You already see.

Through Jesus' blood,
Turn from worldly thoughts,
To Heaven's King,
And the Gift He bought.


With Much Love in Christ,
Beautiful Grace :)

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