Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Purple Door 2007

I spent this past weekend on Ski Roundtop! For the past several years, our family has made the trek to Mt. Airy for the annual Purple Door Christian Music Festival.

This year was a particular blessing for two reasons. The majority of bands I saw left no doubt as to how they felt about Jesus, encouraging the listeners in the love and forgiveness of the Lord. The passion they spoke and sang about was more than rehearsed religious speeches.

The second reason I was blessed was because of meeting, Michael Barnes, the lead singer of one of my favorite bands “Red.” I had heard on TVU (the Christian alternative to MTV) that he was a registered nurse. When questioned about his nursing background, he quickly pulled out the wallet-sized version of his nursing license form his wallet to present to me. In talking to him, I found out that he considers his music to be a type of spiritual nursing. (AWESOME!!)

What a blessing to meet a young man who is using the gifts the Lord has given him, whether music, compassion or intelligence, to serve the Lord by serving others. What a blessing to see the next generation making use of “hard rock” music to bring glory to the Lord!


speakingfreely said...

My cousin (well, maybe he's my second cousin or something) played at P.D. Dennison Witmer. Did you hear him?

Beautiful Grace said...

He usually plays on the gallery stage. I usually camp out at the main stage. Strongman and Consecrated have seen him in past years.

Although, I love Purple Door, I try to camp out as much as possible. There's a lot of walking to do there, and my body is not as young as my constitution.

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

I heard the weather was great for Purple Door this year. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. My 12 year old son read your post......he also likes RED. We will have to check out TVU sounds cool.

Beautiful Grace said...

Tell sportTman that he should try to come to Purple Door next year. Maybe your whole family could make the trip.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! One year we were there in a bad storm with thunder and lightening. Not a very safe place to be...on a mountain with metal ski lifts reaching into the sky. :0 Needless to say, we got to our van ASAP.

Like I said in the post, the music does tend to lean towards harder rock, but they have three stages (with bands playing usually simultaneously) to choose from. They actually have one stage dedicated to the really hard stuff, like Norma Jean ( my boys favorite this year).

As far as I know, the only way you can get TVU, at least in my area, is to subscribe to Sky Angel, which comes by satellite dish.

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

We like the website for TVU, SportTman and I watched several videos of different bands he likes. He likes a lot of the hard christian rock, although Pillar is his favorite. I did take him to the Creation Fest this year, maybe next year we can check out Purple Door, especially since it's a lot closer.

I think it's great that you can share music with your boys, it's a great way to continue to connect with them.

Beautiful Grace said...

Pillar wasn't there this year. Although, I have seen Pillar more than any other band. Tell SporTman to check out "Leeland" for an awesome rock worship band. I think they were my favorite at Purple Door this year. "Falling Up" and "Thousand Foot Crutch" are also a great bands, they were not there this year though.

I actually spoke with Joel, the bass player for "Thousand Foot Crutch," a few years ago. When I thanked him for using rock music in a positive way to touch young people, he began to cry. That tells me a lot about what is in his heart.

Rock on in Jesus, SporTman!!!!

Beautiful Grace said...

Oh, Sandy, if you do decide to come to Purple Door next year, let me know; I'd love to meet you and your family in person. :)

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Ok I have to tell you a funny Leeland story.....I was pretty tired when they played the main stage at Creation and thought I might be able to take a quick cat nap, since I hadn't heard much of their music. Well I was so drawn into their music, and ended up loving them! I never got a nap. I love the lead singers voice. Actually yours son's pic on your blog page reminds me a bit of the lead singer for Leeland. :)

BTW,We also enjoyed Thousand Foot Krutch at Creation. :) I loved their heart for ministry.

It would be fun to meet up at Purple Door, I'll keep it in mind. :) I am sure my son would love talking to your boys. :)