Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Praise and Prayer: Mom Update

Dear Friends,

I visited Mom yesterday...her leg looks better than I have seen it in years!!! Praise and honor and glory to Jesus!!! She has not had diarrhea since Saturday. PTL!!!

She was diagnosed with C-Diff. (the "bad" bacteria of the intestine overgrew because the "good" bacteria were killed of as a result of all the antibiotics Mom has received recently). C-Diff. is an extremely contagious infection, therefore, Mom needs to be in contact isolation, which means we must gown and glove to visit her.

Mom is eating her yogurt to restore the balance of bacteria in her intestines and says she feels better, but is still a little wiped out.

Please pray for continued increase in strength for Mom and a complete eradication of these pesty infections, in Jesus name!!!!

Mom is an intercessor, and I declare that these attacks on her physical body would not impede her in bringing people and situations before the throne of the Most High God!!!! May she pray, just what Jesus is praying at He sits by the right hand of God!!!! AMEN!!!!!

With love,
Beautiful Grace :)

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Classic MaMa said...

Agreeing with you. So glad to hear about mom's leg, yeah!!