Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Recipe For Gossip?

Sorry this "recipe" is difficult to see. I tried and tried to make it larger and sharper, but with no success. If you click on the "recipe," it enlarges.

A fellow homeschooling mom, Sue the Study Hall Monitor, and I had a discussion on the destructive power of gossip last week. My friend found this "A Recipe For Gossip" and placed it in my mailbox at our homeschool co-operative.

Chances are many of you reading this post have been hurt by careless words spoken by loose tongues and heard by itching ears, but I exhort you (and myself) do not loose heart or become angry or bitter.

God has commanded us to pray for and bless our enemies. Here's why...Proverbs 18:21 warns us that we will eat the fruit of our words, and that fruit will either be life or death.

Jesus empower us to be slow to speak and quick to listen. Let our tongues be instruments calling forth life!!! In Jesus' name!!! Amen!

A special thank you to the WinePress Publishing Group for permitting me to post their "A Recipe For Gossip."

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Sandy said...

That recipe for gossip is cute......but also very effective. Thanks for posting it. I see we both share the same passion for this subject!
Have a good week!