Friday, August 24, 2007

Praise and Prayer: Mom Update

Dear friends,

Dad called me yesterday morning. It turns out that Mom's Left leg infection (cellulitis) and her bladder infection has returned. Praise God that she was not mentally out of it like she was the last time. Thank you, Jesus!!! However, she is very weak, to the point of even falling after getting out of bed yesterday morning.

Another praise was the speed of the admission process in the Emergency Room at Holy Spirit Hospital. In the past, it took into the early morning hours until the decision was made for Mom to be admitted. This is a direct answer to prayer as my sister-in-law, Plain and Simple, and I declared that the Emergency Room visit would be shortened. God's answer...I got home around 9:30 pm. Thanks Jesus, for caring about the physical rest out bodies need!!!

Another praise is that the MRI and Renal Function tests will be done while Mom is in the hospital. This saves my brother, Pastor Brother, from making an extra trip to Harrisburg. Thank You, Jesus for begin concerned about our time schedules!!!

Watching my parents last night was beautiful!! As Dad said goodbye to Mom, He told her to be a brave soldier and proceeded to kiss her on the neck. Her response was giggles. I love having parents who love each other completely, playfully and faithfully. Praise You, Jesus!!!

Please pray that the leg infection and the bladder infection resolve completely!!!! Most likely the antibiotics used the last time were not effective in completely destroying the assaulting bacteria. Also pray, for Mom's heart to pump normally. They found that she has what's called atrial fibrillation...meaning, the top part of her heart quivers instead of pumps effectively at times. This has the potential of causing clots to be formed in the blood.

Your prayers touch eternity. Thank you, on behalf of our family!!!

Always in Jesus,
Beautiful Grace :)


(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

Prayers going up this minute! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Classic MaMa said...

still standing with your entire, wonderful, beautiful family.