Sunday, March 9, 2008

Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds!!!

Within the last month, I have had three dreams regarding diamonds. The first dream, I only remember it had to do with a diamond, the second, diamond chips were falling into the palms of my hands and the third was much more detailed and is as follows...

2/8/2008 Strongman and I were at some type of church service. The sanctuary was set up with tables- like a cafeteria. We sat toward the back, and we were watching what looked like a play. A church leader approached us in a friendly way and started talking about diamonds. He said the best diamonds have been "milked." He then showed me a rock with many diamond solitaires embedded in it. Each diamond was like a button. I reached out and pushed one and received a slight electric shock. The leader told us that a pure diamond had only one-millionth of something in it.

I also did a little research on how a diamond's purity is determined and I found that, "Events of nature during the diamond's formation can produce inclusions which can trap some of the light rather than reflecting it back out. The fewer inclusions in a diamond, the rarer it is and the more valuable it is." From

Think of the spiritual implications of that!!! Diamonds, I believe, represent the spiritual gifts He has given us and their purity is determined with whether they trap the light (hold on to the gift for ourselves) or reflect the light (use the gift in order to bring glory to Jesus).

Please see, "New Diamonds Are Coming" at for a conformation of my dream and more details about what God is saying to His Bride.


Anonymous said...

Ok this is interesting ......Just last night I was watching my girlfriend's boys so she could attend the Firestorm Conference at Life Center. ( She lives near me, but attends church up there). Well one of her boys had attended the conference and was telling me how this one speaker was talking about diamonds, and how they knew someone who found one in their garage. And how they had these dreams about diamonds. But since he is 11, I really couldn't get the entire story straight about what the speaker was saying. And it was so late when I dropped the boys off last night I did not ask his dad about it. But he was so excited telling me about diamonds, and this speaker at Life Center!

And now you post about diamonds!
I will have to find out more........

Beautiful Grace said...

Hi, Sandy,

God definitely is telling us something. The reason I wrote about the dreams was cause of my friend who attends Life Center's post on diamonds. Did you follow the link?

I originally thought the dream was just for me, but after reading my friend's post and now hearing about the!!!

I wanted to attend Firestorm on Saturday, but Fire was involved in Middle School worship, so I couldn't.

God definitely is pouring out some unique signs and wonders right now. I have a friend who during worship and prayer had some physical manifestations that I believe are just the beginning of what God will do to draw His Bride to Himself.

Livin' Life said...

That is so exciting. We have been finding feathers all over our house but I have heard about people finding diamonds and other rare jewels. I am so excited for you and our region. God is doing some amazing things. Awesome!!! Thank you for sharing this it really boosted my day. I had a really bad night without much sleep and reading this kind of energized my spirit.

I was so glad to meet you and give you a huge Sat. I love blogging but knowing and meeting the people behind the blog is so awesome.:)

Beautiful Grace said...

Hi, Livin Life,

Wow, feathers!!! I haven't found any physical manifestations of God's glory, yet. Because I love symbolic way God speaks, I just assumed the dream was symbolic, but since fellow youth leader, Michelle, had a feather, gold dust and a jem last week, I have been praying for a physical manifestation.

What ever Jesus wants to do, just so I get to know His heart more in the process. Love ya!! :)