Thursday, August 9, 2007

Praise and Prayer

Visited Mom, yesterday. She reports she has much more energy, more than in a long time!!! Her vital signs are great. Praise Jesus for His healing power!!! Thank you for your faithful prayers.

Mom is scheduled for an appointment with the kidney doctor on Monday the 13th of August. I will request another CT scan prior to the surgery. We wouldn't Mom to have unecessary surgery!!!

Please continue to pray for peace for Mom and Dad (they are doing well).

Please continue to pray that the left kidney tumor shrinks away to nothing, because NO THING is impossible for our God.

Pray for favor with the surgeon, that he would agree to a pre-surgical CT scan.

Pray life to the vision my brother, Plain and Simple's DSH had...The doctor showing x-ray films to my Dad of before and after Mom's healing.

Praise Jesus for ALL the good He does. Praise Him in the calm. Praise Him in the storm. Praise Him because HE IS WORTHY!!!

Blessings and love!! :)


Classic MaMa said...

He is worthy and lovely and gracious. We are standing with you, with all of you. What a wonderful testimony to His healing power this will be.

TCC said...

Praising with you! We serve an amazing God. Continuing to pray and believe for the impossible.

Jim said...

I'm standing with you, little sissie. More importantly, Jesus stands with us always. Praise His Holy Name. All things ARE possible to those who believe...

Sandy @ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Your mom is blessed to have such a wonderful, and faithful daughter like you!!
God is good, even in the bad/tough times! As a matter of fact the song Blessed Be Your Name is playing on the radio right now as I type this.

Blessed Be His Name, on a road marked with suffering......
Praying for you mom!

Beautiful Grace said...

Thank you all for your loving, prayerful support!!

My family and I are grateful for the Body of Christ!!! :)

Blessings!!! :)