Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rise Up And Call Her Blessed

"Her children rise up and call her blessed…" Proverbs 31:28Tomorrow marks the birthday of a very special woman in my life...the woman I am blessed to call Mom. With that in mind, I write in tribute to Mom...I will rise up and call her blessed!!!

Many women carry, bear, nurture and raise up children, but more crucial than the mechanics of motherhood are the characteristics of a woman who desires to be a good mother. Mom is a good mother!

A Good Mother...Faithful Intercessor
Memories of bedtime are filled with milk and pretzels (to sooth my bedtime hunger) and, my hair in rollers with a shower cap-like hair dryer attached to my head.

Though these are sweet memories, the bedtime discipline that influenced me the most was Mom’s prayers. At that time, I did not recognize the power of blessing and the effectiveness of a praying mother. I am now convinced that it was Mom's prayers, which softened my heart towards Jesus causing me to willingly surrender my life to Him.

A Good Mother...Compassionate

Night terrors filled my childhood and adolescence. Mom was always there for me. She never once scolded me for being frightened of creatures seen in the night as she crawled into my bed to soothe me. Allowing me to bury my face in her chest was the only way I could get back to sleep.

A Good Mother...Servant
If you read my post "What Then Is Love" you will know that I had severe headaches caused by a type of aneurysm called an AVM. There were many days when my head throbbed in pain and Mom was right there with a cool washcloth for my forehead and chicken noodle soup (with pieces of butter bread thrown in) for my tummy. She never once complained about serving me!!!

A Good Mother...Wise Counselor
Entering puberty was not the most pleasant memory in my life. I was convinced that no man would ever love me, and that my dream of motherhood would never be fulfilled.

There was a boy who I met in fourth grade (Can you imagine?) that "I fell in love with." I continued to pine away for him for many years. Yet, Mom never once belittled my "feelings," but repeatedly told me, "God has someone out there for you. You will be with him if it is meant to be." Her wise consul caused hope to stir that maybe there was a man out there who would someday love me.

A Good Mother...Loving
Of all the woman I know, I believe Mom is the most physically affectionate. She always kissed and hugged me (Actually, she hugs and kisses just about everyone). Her love and physical touch carried me through the turmoil of adolescence.

Thank you Mom for revealing motherhood in all of its glory. I am forever thankful for your prayers, compassion, service, consul and love. I bless you in the name of Jesus!!! I love you!!!!!


Plain and Simple said...

Mom really is all of those things. She is such a genuine woman who I would have loved to have as a role model. You are truly blessed to grow up with mom as your mother.

Aunt MA said...

Once again so beautiful and so true! You are trully blessed to be able to write with your heart. All I can say is "like mother like daughter."

Jim said...

Little Sister, you are truly blessed to have such a mom. I, too, was blessed to have such a mom. Unfortunately, she went Home at the early age of 56, on August 12, 1985. I missed her then and I still miss her now but the thing that brings me peace, then and now, is I KNOW she has seen our Beloved, and some bright and beautiful day, I will see her again, along with He Who Loves Us Most, and never again shall we part. I can hardly wait!
Keep writing, Handmaiden of God, for His heart is seen in your words...Peace and love to all in your house.

Beautiful Grace said...

Thanks all for the encouragement!!!

Plain and Simple, aka, "Simply Beautiful," Our family has been blessed by you being part of it. I am honored to be your sister. :) Love you!!

Aunt MA,
You have the gift of encouragement, Dear Sissy. You know me, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I guess my blog too. :) Love you!!

My friend, Jim, the Encourager,

Thank you for ALL the encouragment you've given me these last few years. You have been sent by God!!

Blessings and love in Jesus!!

Mary said...

Hi Beautiful Grace. My name is Faith and my sisters are Hope and Charity. My sister Hope has 2 little girls she named Grace and Joy and my neice has a daughter named Harmonie.
I found your site because I put in the Bible verse Proverbs 31:28. That is the verse I think of when I think of my mom, Mary Beth. She passed away May 3rd last year in the floodings in Clarksville and Nashville, Tennessee. Today is her birthday. I am posting on my facebook page and I will include this verse. The chapter was read at her memorial service. I wept as I read your blog and I want you to know that I am keeping you in my prayers and that you have made my day a much brighter one. Thank you for sharing. Please find me on facebook if you choose: Faith Thomas. Have a beautiful and blessed day.
Love and Prayers,

Beautiful Grace said...

Dear (Mary) Faith,

I'm not sure how to find you on FB as their are others with your name.

Thank your for your prayers and encouragement!

May Jesus touch you in the depths of your heart bringing healing to the area that aches because of the loss of your mother. He is the BEST Comforter!

Bless you, Dear!