Monday, August 27, 2007

Meme - 5 Things I Dig about Jesus

I was tagged by Sandy over at Dark Chocolate and Jesus for this meme. There are many things that I love "dig" about Jesus, but listed are the first five that come to me.

1. I love "dig" that He desires to be with me. I talk to Him about EVERYTHING! He is never distracted or hurried. He is my voice of reason for this naturally emotional girl.

2. I love "dig" how He loves me, though He is aware of every misstep, mistake, sin...He chooses not to remember them.

3. I love "dig" how He loves me through others. I've received so many beautiful encouragements and prayers over the years. Thank you to all who allow His love to flow through you!!

4. I love "dig" how He loves me through the rough seasons in life. Actually, it is during the roughest seasons in my life that He has revealed Himself the most. Thank You, Jesus!!!

5. I love "dig" that He allows me to be His ambassador, speaking truth and life to others.

1 comment:

Classic MaMa said...

One of these days I'm going to have to get my meme done.

I love all that you "dig" about your Jesus. Isn't it the coolest to think that as much as we dig Him, He digs us more? :)