Monday, July 20, 2009

I Am For Life

Most Beautiful Grace readers are aware of my nursing background, but not the details as to the particular specialties of nursing, in which I had practiced...geriatrics, infection control, quality assurance, and postpartum/neonatal nursing all grace the pages of my professional resume.

Although employed in nursing for twenty years, I never quite considered myself a nurse. However, I did consider myself to be a spiritual one, and it was during these years while physically nursing, that I received my spiritual nursing assignment- to stand up for life, especially to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves.

While working as a postpartal/neonatal nurse, I cared for a woman who had been used, abused and lied to by this world's system under the guise of a woman's right to choose. This woman had been given the impression that abortion, used as a form of birth control, had no lasting effects. I don't remember the number of elective abortive procedures to which this woman submitted herself, but I do remember the number was staggering.

When this woman married and decided to begin a family, all of her pregnancies ended in miscarriage. So much damage had been done to her cervix that it was no longer capable of "holding" a pregnancy. When she became pregnant again, her obstetricians performed a cervical cerclage, a procedure "in which the cervix is sewn closed during the pregnancy" from the American Preganancy Association.

Her pregnancy seemed to progress normally, and she began the laboring process. But all was not well and the child was born dead! It was after this horrific experience that I cared for the woman, and I remember sitting by her bed, holding her hand, and weeping with her as she repeated over and over, "No one ever told me the consequences of abortion."

I was angry because this woman was deceived, and I was saddened because not only was the woman's destiny altered, but also the destinies of children meant to be were snuffed out.

That day God implanted in me the desire to serve women who find themselves in the difficult situation of an unplanned pregnancy, and stand up for life...not only the unborn child's life, but the life-emotional, physical and spiritual of the woman carrying that child.

I have offered my service to the local crisis pregnancy center where I will volunteer on a weekly basis. What's most awesome is that the executive director said they had been praying for a nurse to get involved with the ministry. I love when Jesus' will is confirmed clearly!

Dear Jesus, empower us to stand up for life. Cause Your heart to be manifested through us through compassionate words and actions. Do not allow us to be silent because of social pressure, but anoint us to speak the truth always in Love! All for You, Jesus!!! AMEN!!!


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Crown of Beauty said...

My heart breaks at the story you shared. I am praying that you can somehow go back to that woman and minister the resurrection life of Jesus to her womb, and help her spiritually nurse it back to the point that Jesus can do a creative miracle in her cervix. How my heart longs for her to be able to have at least one more baby that she can carry to full term and deliver alive, as a testimony to the redemptive power of Jesus. I pray that that woman will be able to have that testimony.

Thank you for your post, and what an encouaragement to know how you are being used by God to do something that your heart longs for!

Beautiful Grace said...

Dear Lidj,

That experience happened about 13 years ago. I don't even remember the woman's name, but there are many other women out there like her...ones so broken and deceived that they are easy prey for the world's lies. I desire to have a part in piecing back together their brokenness with Love.

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that story, it's a sad truth that women are deceived and often just see an abortion as a medical procedure and nothing else. I know this since I took a friend for an abortion in 10th grade. Long before I was a christian or had convictions about abortion. And even then it bothered me greatly.
Praise God for Him using such a caring, Godly nurse as you!