Monday, April 16, 2012

1 Samuel 1-3: Rivalry's Roots

Why do women fight women? Women look to other women to set the standards for there own life. If dysfunctional, then rivalry can result. The root of rivalry is jealousy, which is the fear that a person can be replaced.

Peninnah and Hannah were both married to Elkanah. Peninnah had children, Hannah did not. But, Hannah was favored by Elkanah. This was a setup for rivalry rooted in jealousy.

1 Samuel 1:4-6
“When the day came that Elkanah sacrificed, he would give to Peninnah his wife and all her sons and daughters portions [of the sacrificial meat].

But to Hannah he gave a double portion, for he loved Hannah, but the Lord had given her no children.

[This embarrassed and grieved Hannah] and her rival provoked her greatly to vex her, because the Lord had left her childless.”

Another verse that grabs my attention is I Samuel 2:25

“If one man wrongs another, God will mediate for him; but if a man wrongs the Lord, who shall intercede for him?”

This verse is an encouragement for those who are being wronged by man. It has been a comfort to me in my life, and I have experienced God's mediation in the midst of strife with men. He knows the hearts of all, thus making Him the Perfect Mediator!

When my sons were young, at times I needed to confront poor behavior. I remember telling them that God would hold me accountable, if I allowed them to do whatever their fallen nature desired. I told them the story of Eli and his profane sons, Hophni and Phinehas.

Today, was a holy mishmash of thoughts!

Lord, even a collection of seemingly unrelated thoughts can glorify You. I thank You for taking these thoughts and writing the principles of holiness on my heart. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!!!

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