Monday, March 19, 2012

Numbers 7: What's in a Name?

In reading Numbers 7, I think it’s interesting to replace the name of the ancestral leader with the blessing bestowed upon them by their father, Jacob (Israel). The progression is an interesting one when considering the sequence of offerings according to the houses’ blessings.

1st Judah = Praise
2nd Issachar = Prophetic Servant
3rd Zeblulan = Haven
4th Reuben = Dignity and Power
5th Simeon = Perseverance
6th Gad = Victory
7th Ephraim = Blessed One
8th Manasseh = Great People
9th Benjamin= Hungry Warrior
10th Dan = Judge
11th Asher = Richness
12th Naphtali = Lovliness

You may notice Joseph, the favorite son of Jacob, is missing. Joseph’s two sons are present in his absence, because Jacob had adopted them as his own sons, thus giving Joseph a double portion through them.
Also, Levi is missing from the list, because the Levites ministry is to God; He is their portion.

Lord, grant me all the above characteristics as I bring my offering to You, which is the whole of my life! In the name of Jesus, AMEN!!!

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