Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Numbers 26 & 27: A Just God

Numbers 27:6-7
Amplified Bible (AMP)
“And the Lord said to Moses, The daughters of Zelophehad are justified and speak correctly. You shall surely give them an inheritance among their father’s brethren, and you shall cause their father’s inheritance to pass to them.”

God is not a male chauvinist. He recognizes the injustice of the current system and speaks liberty for the daughters of Zelophehad. Throughout the millenia and to the current day, God’s justice speaks to women and men alike. He loves all of us, no matter which sex, nationality, culture, race, socio-economic status or personality! He seeks justice for ALL of us!
He is a just God! Out part is to accept the justification Jesus has offered to us. This justice is free, but it will cost us our life. No longer do we rule ourselves, but allow the rule of the only Holy and Just God of the Universe!
Thank you, for Your justice, Lord!

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