Thursday, March 1, 2012

Exodus 28-29: A Heaven Question

The whole of Exodus 28, describes just how extravagantly God desires to dress those who minister to Him. Blue, purple, and scarlet stuff, gold carvings, silk, turbans, and embroidery. Sounds like God doesn’t mind if we get a little fancy.
But, what I find even more extravagant in Exodus 29, is the details of Aaron and his sons’ consecration…sacrificial blood placed on the tips of right ear, thumbs of right hands and great right toes.
I find it interesting that both of these chapters are talking about externals, and neither mention the priests’ heart motives or attitudes. This is one of my “Heaven questions” for Jesus.
As fun as it is to dress up (I like to be a girly girl), the robe of righteousness Jesus provides for me to wear is much more beautiful, because it is the reason I can come to the Father; Jesus is the reason I can come to the Father.
I don’t need blood smeared on various parts of my body to be set apart for service. Jesus has already done that on my behalf.
I am grateful!!!

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