Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last Procedure Prayer

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow  morning, I will have the final reconstructive procedure completed in my plastic surgeon's office.  I am thankful that this season of tests, procedures, surgeries, and hospitalizations is coming to a close, and  I am looking forward to the next season the Lord has planned for me.  Although, I obviously didn't enjoy the physical trials of the last season, I do look back on it with gratitude.  The Lord, once again, proved Himself as my Protector, Shepherd, Prince of Peace, Empowerer, and Provider.  My resolve to cling to the Lord in all circumstances has only deepened because of this previous season!

Please Pray:

  • Although this procedure is done within the office without general anesthesia, there still remains the possibility of infection, therefore please pray for protection against it.

  • Please pray for continued wisdom regarding future testing.  I am walking outside of the box as I feel the Lord leading.  I need to hear Him clearly always. 

  • That my physical body would continue to prosper as He is prospering my soul.

  • That love would be the base of all that I do, continually.

Many of you already know this, but I ran my 2nd 5K race on March 4th and ran faster than my 1st race. :)  Christian has been encouraging me for years to compete in a sprint triathlon with him.  I now believe I may have a chance to go for it.  I am still in the process of deciding, but am making headway.  I tell you this, because of your prayers.  Of all the physical adjustments the Lord has done in me last year, empowering me to become an "athlete" is the most amazing to me.  I feel His pleasure when I run, and I actually look forword to it now. 

You are valuable, and I count it an honor to know every one of you!!!

With Much Love Always...
Beautiful Grace :)

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