Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mountain Removal: "The Death Angel has Passed Over, Celebrate!"

Dear Persevering and Anointed Friends,

Yesterday, two specialists gave their opinions regarding my current "trial."

During the first appointment, the plastic surgeon looked at my left graft site and declared quietly, that it was dead, and I would lose it. Last Wednesday, my breast surgeon apologized several times, saying that she was sorry, but that the tissue was dead and will be lost. By all medical accounts, this tissue is dead. The medical term for dead tissue is termed necrosis. Necrotic tissue is black, hard, immovable...lifeless. As a nurse, looking at the tissue with physical eyes, I agree with their assessment, BUT I have been declaring life over this dead tissue. If Jesus can raise a dead man (Lazarus), why can't He bring life to a little bit of dead tissue?

Since last week, I have seen this dead tissue puff back up, and am now even seeing pink, healthy tissue at its base and up the side. Yes, God still needs to bring this dead tissue life, but I am seeing the first fruits of declaring life!!!! Praise be to my Beautiful Friend!!!!

Hebrews 11:1 (New King James Version)

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

During the second appointment, the oncologist interpreted the pathology reports on the tissue taken from the left breast in detail. Apparently, the previously unknown cancer is fed by my own estrogen, progesterone, and HER-2/NEU (a genetic mutation of the human growth hormone). The doctor is questioning the HER-2/NEU positive status, because it is generally not seen in this type of cancer, and dramatically changes the course of his recommended treatment. The cancer tissue has been sent to California for specific testing of its 21 genes, one of which is the HER-2/NEU. 

If, indeed, the tissue is HER-2/NEU positive, then the new biolytic agent known as Herceptin will be prescribed. After sharing my research on this drug with Strongman, his response was, "Yea, real nice stuff. Sounds like something I would give to off someone." (See link for information on why Strongman said this).

Out of curiosity, the doctor asked how I came to decide to have the left breast removed. I repeated to him, what I typed above and also, said I was not at peace with the Tamoxifen treatment. His respectful reply, "That's not logical." I quietly replied, "Faith isn't always logical." I think this shook him a little, because He whole-heartedly believes I need to take Tamoxifen (See link for information on why I am uncomfortable with this).

Chemotherapy...the cancer they found was 6 mm (very tiny), but invasive in that it had broken through the milk duct into the surrounding tissue where it could have had contact with my bloodstream, possibly sending rogue cancer cells any where else in my body. Chemotherapy is generally not recommended is for cancer 6 mm or less, the HER-2/NEU status will play an important part in the doctor's recommendation for or against chemotherapy.

The "incidental" finding of cancer in this tissue, was definitely a God-ordained act. It was God who gave me peace to go with the bilateral mastectomy. I listened to the doctors, prayed, and had MANY praying for me, and came to a decision based on peace. We all know why God led the way to the double mastectomy; to remove the unknown cancer and to make His glory to be made manifest through me.

Obviously, please pray that the staining test (a very subjective test) used to determine the original HER-2/NEU status was inaccurate and that on the genetic level (more precise) the Her 2 status would be NEGATIVE.

Wouldn't it be awesome if the California genetic pathologists would determine that the cells are actually benign? The mucinous cell can either be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). If my oncologist questions the validity of the HER-2/NEU positive status, why not let's find out that the actual cancer diagnosis is incorrect. Let's pray it into reality!!!

Continue to declare life from death for the tissue in question the left side, I am seeing life return!!! Praise the Lord Who holds me in the palm of His hand!!!!

Wisdom and continued peace. Also, for God to make each step and responsibility of my healing apparent. I want Him to make all decisions regarding my whole life, not only this small part of it!!! My desire is to co-operate with Him, not blindly live my life by human wisdom.

I had a rough night of intense chest muscle spasms Sunday night into Monday. I was feeling so good on Sunday, that I only took one muscle spasm pill instead of the normal four. The med I am on should be weaned off slowly, not cold turkey, and as a nurse I should have know better. :( On Monday, I was drained, tired, and very sore from the previous night, which affected me emotionally.

The best part...PRAISES!!!!!

My dear and true friend Patti B. prayed for me on Monday as I shared my heart and my physical pain with her. She declared life and healing. And even after viewing the dead tissue (she's a nurse too), refused to believe in what she saw physically and continued to stand with me for life from death. How much better a friend can a person have? :)

Since Monday, the pink tissue is increasing and is overtaking the necrotic tissue...yea, Life overcomes death!!!!

I am thoroughly enjoying home schooling my Fire (who sets a warrior example for me) without the pressure to get done before leaving for work. Sorry, PPI friends; I do Love you though!!!!

I am worshipping Jesus freely with my whole body; I have no limitations and complete range of motion, which continues to surprise every doctor I see.
The Lord has continued to open up doors for me in order to encourage others going through similar circumstances. I even have made contact with a lovely lady from Florida who just had brain surgery. Many of you may not know that I had brain surgery 23 years ago. That particular trial and how God guided me through is still encouraging people 23 years later. PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE!!!

Yesterday, I received an email from Chuck Pierce regarding Passover and the statement, "Passing over into a season of Triumph!" Immediately I heard, "The Death Angel has passed over you. Celebrate!" I proceeded to call my friend Lori N. and ask if we could celebrate the Passover Feast with her family in April. Lori said, "Yes!" :)

Last night, I slept in my bed for the first time since my surgery, freely moving on my back and from side to side without one single chest muscle spasm. YES!!!!

I continued to be overwhelmed (in a good way) by the Love, support (emotional and physical) and prayers by friends, family, the Body of Christ (through many churches in unity) and people from my community and the world (through my Internet connections).

I marvel at how God takes a difficult situation and uses it to propel us into our destiny. For months preceding the diagnosis, I prayed for God to stir up my heart's embers of passion for Him and for His people again. He answered my prayer. Oh, how I Love Your ways, Abba!!!!

I praise God for discovering like-minded, passionate lovers of Jesus through this trial by fire. I am blessed by you!!! (Elise J.)

For those of you who read these updates with struggles of your own, please be encouraged! There is a God Who cares about everything that hurts you. He desires for you to open Your heart to His great Love for you. I am a living testimony to what His Love can accomplish!!! I will be forever grateful...Thank You, Jesus!

With Much Love ALWAYS...

Beautiful Grace :)


aliciamarie911 said...

The LORD is good and worthy to be praised. You ARE seeing the fruits of His healing to come! I'm so amazed every time I hear stories such as this at the AWESOMENESS of our God (even though I shouldn't be amazed--I know His power)! I am believing WITH you that the Lord will continue to do a work in your body and heal you! The doctors will see that there HAS to be something out there (because HE IS HERE) healing you (besides them)!

Toyin O. said...

This is such an amazing testimony, I am praying for you, God will bring you thru the other side of this trial with a glorious story.