Sunday, July 15, 2007

Poetry Place: "Besiege My Heart"

Did you ever wonder what purpose suffering could serve? Why does God allow temptation? Why do we need to endure heartache, trial and persecution? I submit to you that we are sharing in the sufferings of Christ, and He is building in us...endurance, steadfastness and patience. The Lord, Himself, is giving us the privilege of proving our faith to Him.

Various trials, temptations, and heartaches have crossed my life's path. Suffering and persecution have been my companions. At first, comprehension of what was occurring escaped me. My merciful heart was turned in on itself, and I began to struggle with depression. I did not realize that I was being given the opportunity to be transformed into the image of Jesus, a vessel of His choosing.

This transformation does not occur instantaneously, but it is a process in which ALL Christians are in the midst of. Some of us look more like Jesus than others, but the simple fact remains, if we belong to Jesus, He will change us, transform us, to mirror Him. My accelerated transformation began seven years ago, when I prayed to Jesus, "Show me my sin as You see it." And then prayed, "Grow me quickly."

"Besiege My Heart" is my personal account of realizing my heart's condition and receiving revelation of the "tools" that God uses in order to transform me into Beautiful Grace, transform us into sons and daughters of the Most High God. He loves us so much that He refuses to allow us to be anything less that what He dreamed. He loves us so much that He will allow circumstances less than pleasant to come into our lives. We will fulfill our destinies, if we embrace God's work!!!

I pray in the great name of Jesus that we allow Him to do His holy molding and shaping. We will fulfill the destiny He has planned for us!!! In Jesus name!!! Amen

Besiege My Heart
Beautiful Grace

June 14, 2005

Besiege my heart, Holy Spirit of God.
I give consent to Your overthrow.
Incapable am I to rule it
For deceitful and wicked it is.
No man can know.

You, oh Conqueror, of base desires
Know the art of subjugation.
You war against fallen desires
Which block the full reign of Kingship of one heart.

You employ methods far too wonderful for comprehension
In accomplishing Your goal.
Trials become a chisel,
Whittling away self-love.
Self-love seeks protections from life’s inflictions,
But Love’s King has said, “embrace them.”

Allow Love to make you into the vessel of His chosen type.
His Love, holy, selfless and true, refuses to allow undoneness.
Be not hesitant to embrace Love’s power,
God’s depths are found there.

“Consider it wholly joyful, my brethren, whenever you are enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort or fall into various temptations. Be assured and understand that the trial and proving of your faith bring out endurance and steadfastness and patience.” James 1:2 & 3


Classic MaMa said...

That really is it, isn't it? Knowing how black our sins really are, I am in awe at the fact that He loves us; He forgives us and makes us to look like new again, over and over, and over. It really matures you fast to see like He sees.

Bless you, Beautiful Grace!

Beautiful Grace said...

Hi, Classic Mama,

Was just thinking about you this afternoon, while on my walk...thinking how much your writing touches me. You have the perfect blend of humor and seriousness. You are a gifted writer!!! I love the way you, comes through your writing.

I saw you at the picnic on Wednesday and never got the chance to say, "Hello". I wanted to tell you in person, how much your blog means to me.

Bless you, Classic!!!

Sandy @ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Just clicked her from Classic mama's blog.

I enjoyed your blog and your Godly words of wisdom and endearment. :)

I also see you have a drummer in the family.........I have 2 drummers. Life is loud at our house as I am sure it is at yours!

I'll be back!

speakingfreely said...

So, I was having an "oh, poor me day," when I decided to turn to the blog world for some comfort. Just last night at worship team we talked about walking through trials the Lord has for us and realizing that He has something to accomplish in us through them. A friend shared Isaiah 50, and as I re-read it after reading this post of yours I also realized how well Rita's song "Like You Jesus" fits in to this whole idea. How do we manage to "set our face like flint" and not "light our own fires" when walking through the dark times? Only by His help, I guess.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm trying to refocus my thoughts on the Lord as a result!

Beautiful Grace said...

Hi, Speaking Freely,

The awesome part about going through difficulties (yes, I said awesome) is that it gives us compassion for others who are hurting. I might not know exactly what a brother or sister is going through, but I do know what that kind of pain "feels" like.

I remember a man I took care of as a nursing student. Without getting into gorry details, let me just say, he had every "right," according to human standards, to be depressed and bitter, yet he was one of the most pleasant and agreeable patients I have ever met in my 20 years of nursing. When the nursing instructors asked if students could care for him, he said, yes, I want good to come out of this.

I want the pain I have gone through to cause me to have more compassion for others going through pain. God really does bring good out of what satan meant for evil if we allow that pain to do its work.

Bless you, bless you, bless you!!!

Beautiful Grace