Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Exodus 13-15: Consecrated and Protected

Exodus 13:1 & 2 “THE LORD said to Moses, Sanctify (consecrate, set apart) to Me all the firstborn [males]; whatever is first to open the womb among the Israelites, both of man and of beast, is Mine.”

Exodus 13:14 & 15 “And when, in time to come, your son asks you, What does this mean? You shall say to him, By strength of hand the Lord brought us out from Egypt, from the house of bondage and bondmen. For when Pharaoh stubbornly refused to let us go, the Lord slew all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man and of livestock. Therefore I sacrifice to the Lord all the males that first open the womb; but all the firstborn of my sons I redeem.”

You may remember the “internet code name” that I have given my firstborn son is “Consecrated.” The above verses tells of God’s command to set apart all firstborn to Him. I remember when Consecrated was a baby, how I held him in my arms, but declared to the Lord, “He is set apart for You.”
I read aloud the above verses to my beloved, firstborn son just a few minutes ago to remind him of his value to God. He stopped working on his computerized, 3 dimensional gear clock as I spoke, and it occurred to me the awesome talents with which the Lord has gifted Consecrated. Abba sets us apart, consecrates us for Himself, and gifts us to complete whatever destiny He has chosen for us. I am in awe of my God!!!

Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest.”

I have this particular verse underlined, highlighted and starred in my Bible. Abba has shown me many, many times that whether the evil one manifests through a person or situation or disease or emotional upheaval, my part is to “hold my peace and remain at rest.” He always fights for me!!!! I just need to be patient and watch just how He defeats the enemy that confronts me.

Lord, I love that You are my "Knight in Shining Armor," the One full of all power and might, the One Who knows me best and loves me the most!!!! Praise be to You, my God and my King!!!!  I also love that You are in the process of consecrating all of us, making us holy.  Thank You, for loving us that much!!!  Your own, Beautiful Grace


aliciamarie911 said...

I don't believe that I've ever heard the verse in Exodus, but I'm so glad you posted it. It's very fitting for what I'm going through in my life right now!

Beautiful Grace said...

I'm happy that the Lord encouraged you through this post. :) Bless you, Alicia Marie!