Monday, June 11, 2007

Poetry Place, "One Heart Given"

Of all the characters in the Bible, I identify with Mary Magdalene the most. To me, she represents the sum total of all of us...sinners in need, desperate need, of a Savior.

Mary found Jesus, a man who loved her while she was heaped in sin (she was a known prostitute), bound by demons (seven of them) and sicknesses. Jesus called her to Himself, because He wanted to touch her, forgive her, heal her, empower her.

Mary's reaction to this God-love overwhelmed her to the point of entering a home where she knew she was not wanted. She did it because Jesus was there. The love she had for Him had to be expressed. With tears of gratitude and expensive perfume, she lavished her love on Jesus. Opinions of men would not stop her; She would give her life to this Jesus Who saved her.

One Heart Given
Beautiful Grace

Gift given with love and brokenness.
Gift accepted with love and tenderness.
One heart given.

As tears run freely
To wash His feet,
His Spirit washes my soul.
He pours It out unreservedly.

Hair damp from wiping
My precious Jesus.
I hear the whispers,
“Does He know who touches Him?”

My heart melts, my spirit sinks,
Then a gentle touch upon my head.
New strength surges, whispers fade,
Jesus voice secure,
“The world will remember what she does here.”

You, my Jesus, touch and sooth all fears,
Your hand, a hood upon my head,
Still racing thoughts, which remove the peace.

Your love strong, Your voice clear,
“Stand still,” in gentle firmness.
“I will fight this battle for you.”
“Let Me hold you, and you’ll not be moved
In body or in soul,”

“Give Me all your burdens, keep not one alone.”
“Let not the weight of them keep you from Me.”
“I want all your fears, all your restless thoughts,
For I alone can calm.”

I give You all my burdens.
I give You all my cares.
I run to You to hold me when
Uneasy thoughts arise,
Knowing You alone can console,
This anxious heart of mine.

I sing with soul and spirit,
My thankful heart declares,
Jesus, my Peace, my Comfort,
One heart alone prepares.

One heart becomes a throne,
You rule in majesty.
You take my hand and pull me up,
You speak with voice so clear,
“No longer a beggar,
No longer a servant,
I choose you to be My Bride.”

“Dance with Me, My darling,
For in you alone desire filled,
Let Me be your Light,
Let Me be your Guide,
Through life’s dark and winding roads.”

I Am calling you to give Me
Your heart and all that’s there,
Give with love and brokenness,
I will accept with love and tenderness,
One heart given,
Two hearts become as One.

Read about Mary Magdalene in Luke 7:36-50


Classic MaMa said...

Beautiful! It reminds me of one of my favorite songs "Hold Me Now" by Jennifer Knapp. Here is a link to the lyrics. I think you would enjoy it.

Beautiful Grace said...

Hi, Classic Mama,

I read the Lyrics to "Hold Me Now" by Jennifer Knapp. It is very similar to my poem. I liked the description Christian Music gives her, "...candidly wearing her emotions, faith, determination and all else on her sleve..." I can identify with that!!! :)

I really haven't listened to much of her music, maybe I need to start.

Hey, saw the back of you leaving the parking lot of church yesterday. I waved to the back of your head. :)

Thank you, Classic Mama, for your encouragement!!

Classic MaMa said...

Hey, any time, Beautiful. It's so nice reading things you write because I never really knew you before. I just knew that Not-So-Classic thought that you were really swell and that Plain and Simple and her DSH (of course) love you. I'm glad I have the opportunity to discover how wonderful you are for myself.
Thanks for waving. Perhaps next time, I won't be leaving and I can give you a hug. :)

Beautiful Grace said...

I'd like that Classic Mama!!