Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Little Blue Metro That Could...Again

A long while since "Once upon a time..."

When the little blue metro carried the family of four here and there and everywhere. The little, blue metro carried over hill, over dale and over Peter's Mountain regularly in rain, in snow, in fog, and in sleet.

Now, a new assignment for the faithful blue metro- to carry his brother, over hill, over dale, as well as over Peter's Mountain and the Susquehanna River. To art school they go, day after day in weather stormy or fair.

The two, man and machine, brave the difficulties of life on roads traveled more, and again, OH, NO,...squeal, crunch, OUCH! Oh, little blue metro, how much more can you take?

But the little blue metro, fixed once again, continues his faithful service to his brother- the man.
You're beautiful, and just like new. Thank you, blue metro, we do love you!

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Crown of Beauty said...

I do love the way you do your Little Blue Metro stories! Reminds me of that Little Red Caboose I used to read to my children when they were little! I sometimes wonder... will the things that have served us well on earth not somehow find their way to our heavenly homes?