Monday, December 8, 2008

My Boys: Consecrated and Fire

This soccer ball was designed and created by Consecrated for his brother, Fire. Isn't it awesome?

This simple animation was created by Consecrated for one of his classes at The Art Institute of York. He has almost finished his second term with 4 more terms until graduation.

I'm proud of Consecrated's talent and diligence!!

The following videos are my boys and their friend, DL. Consecrated is on the left, the tall blond, and Fire, the red head, is playing the djembe. I'm blessed by their musical abilities.


Livin' Life said...

That was awesome. Rocker is our creative guy so it's so cool to see Consecrated's work. i must talk to you some time about raising boys. We are going through this small upheaval with Shaggy and I was wondering if it is normal and how moms get through it. You are one of the only mom's I know out there with older boys and they are such an awesome example. I would love to just sit and talk to you about parenting them.

Any hoo, I loved the videos! :)

Beautiful Grace said...

I would love to get together with you, but unfortunately, between homeschool, mom being sick and teaching co-op. There's not much time left in my day!! You definitely could always call me, although, I'm long distance. :(

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear BG, Thanks for this post. Your sons are so creative and talented. You and your husband raised them well. I also wanted to share with you some lovely pictures of Ernie's funeral taken by my second son's (Worshiper) two best friends who are professional photographers. The pictures are posted in our church blog at this link
I continue to pray for you, that you will have joy in the midst of all you have to do in this season of your life.