Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Appointed Time: Snowflakes of Grace

10/14/03 Snowflakes Dream

God gave me a “Snowflakes” Dream, as direction and encouragement during this very difficult period in my life.    The initial portion of the dream was chaotic, but symbolically replaying what had been occurring in the natural.  

Later, I found myself standing on the grass in the backyard of my house.  Strongman was with me, along with a group of unfamiliar people. Suddenly, it began to snow.  I looked at the flakes, actually seeing the crystalline pattern of each individual, as though they had been magnified with a microscope. Each flake had be enlarged to the diameter of a tennis ball.  

Amazed by what I saw, I said, “Look, aren't they beautiful?” but no one else could see them. 

The dream concluded by depicting potentially life-threatening circumstances for me and my family.  Those images symbolically directed me.  

Later, these circumstances played themselves out in the earthly reality.  I am thankful I paid attention and obeyed the direction of this dream.  My family and I were spared from the fallout!

Upon waking, I asked the Lord what the snowflakes symbolized.  I felt like the Lord told me that the snowflakes represented His grace. :)

10/15/03  Vision of Snowflakes at Shane and Shane Concert

While engaged in worship during the Shane and Shane concert at Christ Community Church, I was overcome with emotion...the Spirit beautifully touched my tattered soul in such deep ways that I began to cry uncontrollably.  The tears flowed so much that they dripped on the carpet leaving a huge wet spot.  During this beautiful interaction with the Spirit, I looked up to see the very same enlarged snowflakes that I had seen in my dream the night before.  These grace flakes were falling over the unsuspecting congregation gathered to worship.  

Oh, how beautiful is the Lord!!!

12/17/03  The Snowflake Painting

As I left the CCC sanctuary, I came upon this beautiful painting.

Here's a close up of the snowflakes falling on the woman.  

I knew I had heard the Lord's direction correctly in my Dream.  He was reminding me of His power (grace) to remove any mountain set against me!  

Who are you, oh mountain to be set before the beloved of Jesus? I shout Grace, Grace, Grace!!!

Zechariah 4:7
"For who are you, O great mountain [of human obstacles]? Before Zerubbabel [who with Joshua had led the return of the exiles from Babylon and was undertaking the rebuilding of the temple, before him] you shall become a plain [a mere molehill]! And he shall bring forth the finishing gable stone [of the new temple] with loud shoutings of the people, crying, Grace, grace to it!"

The absolute beautifully powerful ending (or is it the beginning) of this story transpired a few months later while telling my friend about the dream, the vision and the painting.  She looked shocked as I relayed my story...

She told me that a few weeks earlier her four-year old son had insisted he saw huge snowflakes falling while they were driving.  He kept on insisting, but my friend chided him saying, "It's not snowing."  My friend's little boy could see the grace being poured out in the spirit!!!!

I am writing this story now as a reminder to myself and to others that God IS pouring out His grace!!!  No matter what heartache or difficult situation, His power will cause that mountain to become a molehill!!!

For the honor and glory of the One called, JESUS!!!

With Much Love...
Beautiful Grace

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