Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Experiencing Heaven Through Our Five Senses: Part Four, Smelling Him

Fragrant scents fill the atmosphere in springtime, reminding of blossoming buds, pollinating plants, billowing breeze, and drizzling droplets of rain. Not only is Creation filled with vibrant colors, diverse tactile experiences, and soothing sounds but many varied scents. The Creator reveals Himself as the Grand Artist of the universe, and our God delights in displaying Himself to those who would desire to know Him by hearing Him, feeling Him, seeing Him, smelling Him and tasting Him.

Presently, I have had only one olfactory experience, but God used that experience to break a chain that had attempted to bind me.

God clearly spoke in the fall of 2007, asking me, "Will you still love and trust Me if you can't feel Me?" Impulsively, I answered, "Of course, Jesus!" Almost immediately, the touch of my Beloved ceased. I continued to see Him through dreams and visions and hear His voice directing, encouraging and warning, but my Beloved did not allow me to feel His touch.

This "no feeling Him" season continued through the winter and spring of 2008, a year which God had promised would be one of "New Beginnings." By the summer, I began to hear the reviling of the evil one, "Why would He want to touch you?" I would counter with reminding the evil one how much the Lord had revealed Himself to me previously. The battle in my mind continued to intensify, and I began imploring my Bridegroom to touch me again.

August arrived, and with that, I served as one of the youth leaders for the Fuel Ministry's annual youth conference "Burn." By this time, I had stopped imploring the Lord to touch me. I just continued to draw near to Him.

During the first worship session of "Burn," I was again battling the evil one in my mind. Evil started casting up past sins, ones already repented of and forgiven by Jesus. Responding to the accusations, I reminded the evil one of the purity provided for me by Jesus. It was during this battle when a fellow youth leader friend, M., walked by me several times, finally stopping to whisper in my ear,

"Do you have vanilla perfume on?" I rarely wear perfume, and I definitely did not own any vanilla perfume. My friend said, "The scent of vanilla is strong, and it's coming from you."

Deeply inhaling, I attempted to smell this heavenly scent, but could not. I began to ask Jesus to allow me to smell this heavenly scent, and faintly the sweet smell of vanilla was detected.

After the service I asked my friend what vanilla means, and she directed me to speak with Pastor J. who had had olfactory experiences in worship. Pastor J. told me vanilla means PURITY! Jesus hadn't been perceptibly touching me, but He did allow me to sense Him through smell, reminding me of the purity He alone can bestow! My soul was overcome with love for my Jesus!!!

The next afternoon while riding the bus to get to the evening session of "Burn," I suddenly began to feel Jesus like electricity on my skin. Oh, how thankful, I was to feel Him once again!!!!

Since I have had only one olfactory experience, I gathered reports from other lovers of Jesus and their experiences. Livin' Life reported smelling fresh baked bread a few times during prayer (Jesus is the Bread of life, John 6:35), and Livin's husband, smelled a sweet floral fragrance, unlike that of earthly perfume. One man is my church smells freshly tilled ground on someone when they are ready to receive Jesus!!!

Jesus, we want to experience all that You desire to reveal! However You choose to reveal Yourself, we receive You!!! Open up our senses to You, cause us to know You in a personal way!!!! In the great name of Jesus, AMEN!!!!

P.S. I feel Him touching my head!!!! :)


Several months ago I dreamed that Jesus handed me a hydrangea.  It was so sweet smelling in the dream and I awoke continuing to smell the beautiful fragrance.


Tea With Tiffany said...

Beautiful fragrant post of how God comes near.

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear BG, I love this series that you have been sharing, and how personal God is in revealing Himself to those who are truly hungry for more of Him.

I've heard of experiences like what you mentioned in this post, but personally I haven't had this kind of divine encounter.

But the electricity and burning heat feeling has been awesome to experience. Right now as I am typing this comment and while I was reading your post (as well as the first three on this series), I have "goose" bumps and I know God is near.

I praise God for how you take time to share!

Beautiful Grace said...
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