Friday, August 3, 2007

Please Pray: Update

My mom was hospitalized on Monday for a severe leg infection. During the testing process, a baseball-sized mass was found in her left kidney. The surgeon is saying he feels it is cancer and that as soon as her leg is healed, her kidney will need to be removed.

Please pray that Mom's appointed days on this earth be completely fulfilled WITHOUT disease and sickness!!! Also, pray that I and my family remain in peace during this trial. Pray specifically for my Dad as he depends heavily on my Mom. My parents are extremely devoted to one another, and I know this has to be difficult for my Dad.


Sandy @ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Praying for that peace that passes all understanding!
Keep us posted on how she is doing.

Beautiful Grace said...


Thank you for your support!!!

You have been encouraging me from almost the beginning of my blog endeavor, and I've never even met you. May the Lord bless you and pour out His Spirit in you and through you in even greater measures.

You are appreciated!!!