Saturday, January 28, 2012

Genesis 22-24: I Choose You

Giovanni Tiepolo c. 1726

I find it is easier to trust God when He directly reveals His plan to me, rather then to trust God where people are involved.

When God revealed the plan of using Issac as a sacrifice to Abraham, Abraham trusted and obeyed. When Abraham half-lied about Sarah being his sister (she was his half sister), he needed to trust in God to protect him from men whom he thought most probably did not hear God.

In my own life, I have been involved in situations where I needed to trust God for protection against people who claimed to hear Him.  It was the worst season of emotional upheaval in my life, yet even in that dark chapter of my life, I see the good.  

I learned that God's ultimate purpose for my life on this earth depended more on my response to those who misread my heart, than to the discomfort I felt in the battle.  

Learning to forgive, even love those who hurt me, has been my most important life lesson thus far. Learning to listen only to what God says about me and not heed satan's voice through others has done wonders for my self-esteem or more specifically, it helped me to understand and accept who God has made me to be.

Sadly, there remain scars from that season, deep scars in myself and others.  I still am trusting God for complete restoration of all that was damaged and lost, but it no longer consumes my thoughts.  All will be restored in His time!  Maybe on this earth or maybe not until we enter heaven.  He knows what's best!

God also knew what was best for Abraham and Issac.  He knew that Abraham would choose Him over his beloved Issac.  I believe God was giving Abraham the opportunity to know himself, what he would do if given a choice between something in this world or the One Eternal God.

I was given the opportunity to choose God over my reputation and that opportunity showed me both strengths and weaknesses in my character. 

My friends, don't despise a dark season.  It may very well be the time in your life when learn to know the real you, and learn to love the real you!

Holy Spirit, minister to my friends.  Cause them to hear Your voice above all other voices.  Empower them to choose You, no matter the consequences. In the wonderful name of Jesus, AMEN!!!

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