Monday, June 20, 2011

In Honor of Fire's High School Graduation!

Fire received his high school diploma this past Saturday amongst family and friends.  I felt it important to give an overview of his awesome accomplishments these last four years, and I would like to share them with all of my blog friends as well.

Never Talk to Strangers

Face Booked

Secret Project 2

Rocketeer Cover
The guys did all of the video and music!!!

Buzzsaw Louie

Nightmare on Myles Street

Face Booked

Tricking Friends


Soon to be Released Internet commercial for Blockhouse Furniture

Internet Commercial for Blockhouse Furniture

Fantastic Taste


Four years of English

o 25 books (3 of which are classics) each year

o 4 compositions each year

o 2,500 word composition each year

o Speech each year

o Literature

Three years of mathematics

o Algebra I

o Algebra II

o Geometry

Four years of science

o Physical science

o Chemistry

o Biology

o Human anatomy and physiology

Three years of social studies

o Explored the world views of the West


Civics (studied the Constitution)

World History

Safety education and fire safety

Physical education

o Twin Valley soccer- two years

o Varsity soccer- two years (earned a letter and a pin, captain senior year, district playoffs x2)

o Varsity Track and field- years (earned two pins, districts x 2)

o Triathlon (x2, 1st place in age class the first year)

o Tricking


o Cinematography

o Acting (oneadaymyles, two Internet commercials for Blockhouse Furniture)


o Youth worship team

o Middle school worship team

o Recorded original music

o Music video

o Coffee houses

o Christian Battle of the Bands

Hours required by PA law: 3,800

Total High School Hours: 5,238 ½

GPA 3.7

Character:  When I began speaking about Fire's character, I broke down into tears.  I am so pleased with the young man he has become!!!

  • Ignite Team (a leadership team within our church youth group)

  • Tender and joyful heart with loads of perseverance

  • Servant

  • Humility with self-confidence

  • Encourager

  • Does not settle for second best. Works for excellence!

Hope you enjoyed!

With Much Love...
Beautiful Grace


Kelli said...

Beautiful! Touching! Oh, Beautiful Grace, what a remarkable job you have done as a Mother. I can't wait to see what the Lord has for this young man with such a sure foundation. ;)

Miss Hayes said...

Dido what Kelli said! :-) I can't say it any better!! lol