Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Journey Through the Psalms" Day 9

Read and reflect on Psalm 9, 39, 69, 99, 129.

Jesus, You are the "Knower of All Things." You know my frailty and sins, my blunders and the transient nature of my life. Yet, I cry out to You and You rescue me. Spiritual enemies have taunted me from my youth, BUT they have not prevailed, because You have cut the cords of wickedness! No more do my enemies have the power to affect my soul, because You have rescued me from the pit and pulled me out of the mire. I walk on solid ground with You by my side. Thank You, Jesus, for being the "Knower of All Things!"

With Much Love Always...
Beautiful Grace :)


Crown of Beauty said...

Thank you for this great idea...

It is an awesome tool to reach spiritual depth.

I will do it starting July 1.

THought of you this morning, that is why I visited your blog.

So glad I dropped by.

You are so special to me.

Much love

Beautiful Grace said...

My Dear Lidj,

Thanks for the love and encouragement! The idea wasn't mine. One of my pastors started it on facebook and I'm just reposting on my site.

Love you too,
Beautiful Grace