Monday, March 28, 2011

Mountain Removal: Feeling Great and Going Back to Work!

Dear Caring and Praying Friends,

This morning permission was given for me to return to work on "desk duty," 1/2 shifts for two weeks and return to normal job duties after that! Last week, the infectious disease doctor gave his approval to return to work! Today was my third specialist appointment since the previous e-mail; there is much more great news to report!

Last Wednesday, the breast surgeon informed me that the "tumor" from the left side, which was sent to California for the special genetic testing, had been rejected twice due to "not enough material." Each cell, normal/cancerous, has its own genetic code. What I hear in the statement, "not enough material" is that they couldn't find even one cancer cell to check its genes. Praise God!!! She then told me that my case was presented at a breast conference of breast surgeons and oncologists, because it was so unusual. She said half the oncologists recommended chemotherapy and herceptin, while the other half said it wasn't necessary.

Again, she expressed her recommendation for me to begin Tamoxifen (estrogen hormone blocker) or as an alternative, if I desire, to surgically have my ovaries removed. NOT!!! I feel Peace about not pursuing further treatments and ended up canceling the oncologist's appointment for this week. I am learning alternative ways to curb any "extra estrogen" in my system through diet and exercise, and have learned some shocking things about what I have been eating. My lifestyle requires a "makeover," but I am willing! I will have a "buff body by fifty!" :)


· I am able to go back to work!

· "Not enough material" was found to genetically test!

· 50% of the oncologists agreed with my point of view!

· I continue in perfect Peace in regards to this situation!

· The infection is almost gone. There are two red spots and very slight swelling, but I am still taking antibiotics!

· I have not taken any pain medicine or valium for chest cramps since last week!

· I was able to attend worship service this past Sunday, the 1st time in several weeks! I really missed corporate worship and all the great loving I get from my CCC friends!!!

· The plastic surgeon gave his approval for stretching and light weight training.


· The continued support of ALL of you who care about and Love me. I am the richest woman in the world!!!


· That my transition back to work would be smooth and without undue fatigue.

· That the infection would leave even more quickly.

· That I continue hearing direction from the Holy Spirit regarding my lifestyle. A few days ago, I heard Him say a single food item. Then, I had an impression to check out estrogen levels in that item, which turns out is higher here in the US than other countries. God truly is my Daddy telling me what to do and not to do!

· That I don't become offensive in my attitude towards any of the specialists who are treating me. They truly are only recommending what they have been taught, which factors out God entirely. I like my doctors, even though I don't see eye-to-eye with them at times.

· That this affliction would not rise up a second time!!!

With Much Love ALWAYS...

Beautiful Grace :)

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Crown of Beauty said...

Dearest friend
I am rejoicing with you. Truly rejoicing. My spirit is leaping and dancing for joy.

No poisonous substances for you... no way!

Yes, just a healthy lifestyle... and lots of praise and worship and feasting on God's Word.

I got the impression again to tell you to partake of Communion as often as you can, daily if possible.

Much love