Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mountain Removal: Following the Prince of Peace

Dear Friends,

The shell of necrotic tissue has fallen off, and the remaining tissue under it is pink and healthy! It reminds me of how in the purification process of gold, the dross or the (dead) worthless stuff comes to the surface of the gold to be skimmed. The necrotic tissue is the dross being skimmed off of my body to reveal the healthy tissue.

I continue to pray for the area, against infection. At this point the incision is still very nasty looking. In the physical, the scarring on the left will be much more significant than the right side, BUT my Jesus can take care of that too!!! I think it was Rick Joyner's book, The Call, where he describes the warriors who were scarred from the battle. In his vision/dream he watched God's glory pouring out like brilliant gold from those scars making them marks of honor!!!! My son, Christian, has a warrior spirit. He sets a fine example for me to follow, and he thinks the scars are cool, because of its warrior significance!!!

I saw the plastic surgeon on Wednesday, and he approved for me to return to work on "desk duty" and half shifts! Yay, Jesus!!! The doctor told me if I can tolerate the half shifts, I may increase to full shifts. The sticking point is still the incision on the left side. It definitely is healing, but still needs much more. The right side looks great! Praise, Praise, Praise!!!

Physically, I feel better in some ways than prior to the surgery, as I have begun an exercise program, which is no longer an option in my life. Ladies, do you know that,

"Studies show that exercise reduces breast cancer risk. The only question is how much exercise is needed. One study found that as little as 1 hour and 15 minutes to 2½ hours of brisk walking per week reduced the risk by 18%. Walking 10 hours a week reduced the risk a little more. The American Cancer Society suggests that you exercise for 45 to 60 minutes 5 or more days a week."
I also, am changing my eating habits. Definitely, more fruit and veggies, whole grains and less meat for this gal!!!

Emotionally, I am also doing very well. I had a mild teary episode earlier this week when Tony and I tried to make sense of all the bills pouring into our mailbox, but the Lord quickly soothed me reminding of the beautiful experience I had just about an hour earlier.

Every year a pair of doves nest somewhere near our deck, and that encourages me, because doves symbolize the Holy Spirit. Earlier that morning, I was in my kitchen, praying in the Spirit, prior to my teary episode, and thought I heard a coo. A little later, as I changed the left dressing, I sang..."If our God is for us, then who could stand against us." Loudly and distinctly, I heard three coos! Praise, My God, Who IS for (us) me!!!! God touched me first and then reminded me of that beautiful episode, when I needed it. Praise be to my God Who is the Best Encourager a person could have!!!

I am awaiting the oncotype dx test results, but already feel in my heart what to do next. I must follow peace, because Jesus is the Prince of Peace!!! Whatever treatments are recommended, my heart must be at peace, or I will not agree. So far it is not in my heart to take Tamoxifen, which the oncologist says I need. I have been praying for my Abba Father to make Himself absolutely clear about how to proceed, and I believe my earthly Daddy was his mouth piece when he said, *"Beautiful Grace, Jesus is in your heart. I'd follow my heart." I really Love both of my Daddies!!!! :)

Thank you all again for praying and caring!

With Much Love ALWAYS...

Beautiful Grace:)
PS *Dad used my real name, not my screen name.  :)

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