Thursday, March 10, 2011

When Circumstances Knock Us Down, We Will Get Back Up in the Power of Jesus!

Dear Friends,

The beginning of this week was rough for me. Starting Monday night at 7 pm until 1 am Tuesday morning, I had severe chills and nausea. Tony piled comforters on me, but I didn't actually warm up until 4 am. Tuesday morning my temperature spiked to 102 F combined with severe weakness, body muscle aches, and nausea. I'd like to say I was brave about the whole thing, but I was so weak at one point that I couldn't even get off the recliner, and I cried like a baby. The family practice physician's assistant was sure cellulitis (infection in the fluid between the cells in the body) had begun on my left side. He started me on antibiotics and told me if I was not improved by Friday that I would need to be hospitalized. I saw the plastic surgeon yesterday and he concurred with the original diagnosis and treatment.

Both medical practitioners, multiple friends, and family have advised me to take it easy and rest. Rest seems to be the place where God is calling us, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I really didn't feel I was overdoing it. Actually, I had been feeling great.

Many Praises for Jesus:

· The infection stirred up those nasty chest spasms on the left side, BUT last night I slept in bed spasm free the whole night! :)

· My fever has resolved. I have returned to my "normal" subnormal body temperature. My strength is returning. Yay, Jesus!

· On Tuesday, I literally was a wreck, emotionally and physically. I wept and cried out for Jesus. Peace flooded my soul as I worshipped Jesus in my sickness. Jesus, You are my Best Friend!!!

· I praise God for my Fire, who literally completed his school work while tending to me. I Love you, Fire!

· I am thankful for Pastor B. who prayed for me over the phone. You are a blessing to many, Pastor B.!

· For Hillside's faithful prayer chain organizer, Barbara L. who called the prayer warriors together to pray on my behalf.

· Out of concern, my friend, Faithful Intercessor, called to check on me. Dear, you consider others before yourself. You have the heart of Jesus!

· I am thankful my parents were available to drive me to my Tuesday doctor's appointment (Strongman was working close to Maryland). I Love you Mom and Dad!

· Early Tuesday morning, I couldn't take laying flat in bed any longer, so I got up to sleep on the recliner. My faithful husband insisted on sleeping next to me, just in case I needed him. Strongman, you truly show me Love in times better and worse! I do Love you!

· The left side incision becomes more shallow every day!

· I was approved for desk work at my place of employment on Tuesday!

· For ALL who continue to pray for and encourage me. You are gifts from God!!!

· I was free from nausea all day today and actually was hungry for lunch!

Continued Prayer:

· Complete eradication of the left breast infection

· Complete closure of the incision on the left side without an "overgrowth" of new tissue, which is unhealthy

· That the swelling on my left side would resolve quickly

· That no matter how my physical body feels, all emotions would be directed to the only One Who can help me

· That the Holy Spirit would teach me how to rest physically, emotionally and spiritually, no matter the circumstances surrounding me

· For continued guidance on all decisions and treatment options laid before me

· I will trust in You, Jesus. I will not trust in the horses and chariots of men. Teach me what that means Lord.

· That I would heal quickly, so I can get back to work.

I've been thinking about my emotional state on Tuesday. At first, I considered myself a wimp (satan's lie). The truth is I am more than a conqueror and a formidable warrior with Jesus on my side. Tears are not a sign of lack of faith, but are as Charles Spurgeon said, "liquid prayer" when directed to Jesus!!!

I appreciate and Love every one of you!!!

Most sincerely in Jesus,

Beautiful Grace 

Thought for today:

Lucy: "I knew it was You, the whole time. I knew it, but the others didn't believe me."

Aslan: "And why would that stop you from coming to Me?"
(From the Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian)

Does the unbelief of others ever stop us from "Coming to Jesus?"

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