Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mountain Removal: Beautiful Heart, Chosen One

Precious Friends,

Wednesday's surgery went well. The expander was removed, the incision was cleaned up, and a sample of the fluid was extracted in order to determine the infecting organism. This hospitalization was one of great favor and blessing for me!

On Wednesday into Thursday, I didn't get much sleep because of all the vital signs which needed assessed, so instead of actually sleeping, I put on my CD headset and worshipped all night! At some point during the night, I met a nursing assistant, Marcos, from Brazil. He couldn't pronounce my name with his Portuguese accent, but it was awesome the way he said it. Randomly, he told me what my name meant in Portuguese. Bella refers, not to physical beauty, but to a "beautiful heart." He said, "You know, like King David in the Bible?" Then he told me Ann comes from the name Hannah, which means "chosen one." He then referred to Hannah who cried out to God, and He chose her to be the mother of Samuel. For all of you that know me well, you know how I responded. ;)

Multiple Praises:

· I had only slight nausea after the surgery, which quickly resolved.


· My pain is confined to the insertion site of the drain and is being controlled with ibuprofen and talwin; I am NOT sick from the pain relievers, just a little more loopy and tired than normal. :)


· I was able to advise my nightshift nurse, who is currently looking for a church to attend. :)


· I no longer feel sick, and the incision site will be "pretty" once it is healed!!!


· I continue on antibiotics for the infection, which looks better each day!


· I received a card with some money in it. No signed name, no return address. Thank you! What a mysterious blessing!


· My surgeon gave me the ok to start walking as tolerated!


· I have a wonderful friend who did grocery shopping for me, then refused to let me pay her. She then helped chop veggies for supper and fold wash with me as we visited, but the most wonderful gift she gave me was the feather which just appeared on her knee as she interceded for me during the initial surgery. Thank you, Dear, I Love you!!!


· How Jesus takes a stormy situation and gives peace in the midst of it! I Love you, Friend!!!


· A special thanks to P. Thom who encouraged me previous to Wednesday's surgery with the story of how Jesus healed Peter's mother-in-law. Thank you for sparking my "holy imagination," which manifested physically as increased strength the next day. Bless you, P. Thom!!!


· The awesome way God created our bodies...I took a sample from my drain (I know, gross), and observed it under our microscope. I identified red blood cells, white blood cells, and even saw what I believe to be the infecting bacteria (I used gloves), which looks like a "spike ball." I took digital pictures and in one shot, I saw two white blood cells surrounding the "spike ball." I'll attach the picture (if you're interested), but your computer may not be able to "read" it.

Prayer Requests:

· No more infections!!!


· That this current infection would be eradicated completely and quickly.


· I want the JP drain out as soon as possible; it hurts!


· I want to go back to work, not only for the income, but I miss my co-workers, and the kids! Right now, I am considered "totally incapacitated." for two weeks. :(


· I haven't received the results of the genetic testing yet, and when I do, I want God's path for me to be completely apparent!


· Peace and strength for Strongman as he works to provide for our family, while he continues to "nurse" me back to health!

Thank you all for standing with me. I Love to witness the Body of Christ rising up as one and feel honored to be a part of a Bride, whose eyes are fixed on Her Beloved and then responds with His heart!!!

Which Much Love and Appreciation ALWAYS,

Beautiful Grace


Crown of Beauty said...

Beautiful Heart and Chosen One - those names are an affirmation of how God sees you. I believe that the nurse was sent by God to speak hope and comfort to you!

I speak life, health, and healing to every part of your body. By the stripes of Jesus you are healed!

I sense in my spirit that as you partake of communion as often as you can (even daily) in the quiet of your own room, you celebrate and welcome in your own life the physical healing and forgiveness that Jesus accomplished on the cross for you!

God is preparing your heart, enlarging it, for the outpouring of His glory.

Much love

Lauralee said...

praise the Lord