Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day Down, One Hundred Seventy-Nine to Go

Prayer: Lord, we dedicate this day to You, this year to You.
Empower us to glorify You!
Music Class: Guitar Practice

SAT Prep Class

Algebra 2: Exponents

Short Story, Characters, Setting, Theme, Plot, Tone, Unity

Classic Book: Questions and Answers

Composition: Compose a character sketch using direct exposition.

SAT: Spelling and Vocabulary Words

Chemistry Experiment 1.2: Air Takes Up Space

A paper towel is crumpled and placed in the bottom of a glass.
The glass is submerged (without tipping) in water.

The glass is removed (without tipping) and the paper towel is dry.

The paper is replaced in the glass and submerged.
This time the glass is tipped while under the water.

The paper towel is saturated.

Conclusion: The paper towel remained dry during submersion because there was air taking up space in the glass between the water and the paper towel.

In the second part of the experiment, the paper towel became saturated with water because the glass was tipped allowing the air to escape from the glass and providing open space for the water to rush into the glass.

Chemistry Experiment 1.1: Air Has Mass

A string is tied to a deflated balloon,

then tied to a yardstick.

Deflated balloons have equal mass and, therefore,

may easily be balanced on a fulcrum.

One balloon has been inflated with air.

The more mass, the more matter and the heavier the inflated balloon side, thus causing the bar to tip.

Conclusion: Air has mass. Mass is made up of matter and one way the amount of matter a substance has may be measured is by its weight. The weight of a substance is influenced by the gravitational pull placed on it.

Scrimmage 8/31/09

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