Thursday, August 6, 2009

Book Review: The Shack

The Shack by William P. Young is the retelling of one man's experience with God- the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This experience doesn't hold to "traditional" mindsets about Who God is and our man-made definitions of Him.

When I began to read about the alternative forms in which God manifested Himself, I wasn't sure if I would continue reading the book. The Holy Spirit prompted me to continue reading and give it a chance.

The Shack is not a book on theology; it is one man's personal experience with God, the God Who loves enough to go through fantastical lengths to accomplish healing, forgiveness and restoration.


Maria Matter said...

I haven't read it yet. I just told my MIL about it, she'll read it first then pass it onto me!

Soooo, are you giving it a thumbs up?

Beautiful Grace said...

Yes, a thumb's up, as in, it it worth the read. Theologically, I don't know that I agree with every "jot and tittle," however, it contains much truth and it is not a book on theology. It is one man's experience with a God Who can do and does anything He desires. Ten years ago I would'nt have understood this book, but since I have had some out of the box experiences with God as well, nothing seems impossible. Remember, this is a man's account of what happened and the Bible says, we only know in part. Hope this rambling helps!

Crown of Beauty said...

I like that - "out of the box" experiences with God.

Will try to get this book to read, thanks for sharing. said...

I have to say that "The Shack" by William P. Young was a very thought provoking read.

After reading the book, I was left pondering several things about it – which is a true testament to the book's worth. I had several questions on the validity of some of the descriptions of God but I had to humbly admit that there may be no answers this side of heaven for how God presents Himself to each individual.

I posted a more in-depth review of this book on my own blog