Sunday, June 15, 2008

Does the Clay Say to the Potter, "What Are You Doing?"

I woke up in the middle of last night because I was a little warm. In the quietness of the night, many thoughts began racing through my heart...

"What did You mean when You told me?"

"What are You doing, Lord?"

Lord, I don't understand. Please help me to understand.

Jesus, I NEED You to empower me to do my part!!! Please, help me!!!

I felt like He answered me by saying, "Does the clay say to the Potter, 'What are You doing?'"

This morning I received this posting from the Elijah List.

Anne Elmer:

Recently, I was singing a worship song, and the last line in French is, "Je suis née pour toi," meaning: "I was born for you," but I think in the English version of the song, the words are: "I was made for you."

I then heard the Lord say to me, "You see, you were not made to be a wife or mother or teacher or church elder, you were made for Me."

Suddenly I knew that if I received this fact in my heart, that I was made primarily by Him and for Him, then all the other reasons for which I thought I was made - would fall into place.

Colossians 1:16, "For by Him all things were created: things in Heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by Him and for Him."

Do we really understand that we are not the product of our parents, but we are desired and birthed of the perfect Father in order to fulfill His dreams and plans?

A Vision of the Master Potter

Then I saw a vision of the Master Potter making vases. He took a great deal of time and care over each one, fashioning them to exactly the shape He wanted. He moved the vases from the wheel and placed them carefully on one side. I watched as He made several vases, and once there were a few standing near each other, He touched them one by one.

This time His hand was clean and beautiful - no longer the Potter's hand covered with clay. As He touched each one, they were filled with what looked like liquid gold, but somehow I knew He was filling us - His vases with His Glory.

The Glory we were containing seeped slowly through the unbaked clay of each vase until they all began to shine. It was a beautiful picture. I noticed that little by little the vases were moving nearer to each other. And as they did, their shapes changed slightly so that they could fit exactly together.

When they drew closer together, the Glory shining from them intensified. Once they were all touching as though they were molded of the same clay at the same time. The Glory shining from the whole group was so bright, I could hardly look at them; it was like looking at the sun.

I knew I was watching a 3-D jigsaw of the Lord building His Church. I was aware the vases had not been fired, and I realized that was why they could shine their contents - that was why the Glory could traverse the clay.

In the potter's house in Jeremiah 18, the potter doesn't fire the pot, but molds it over again. We need to be as clay in His hands. I think it is our denominations that have tried to put us in the furnace and shape us into their shape so that we cannot be flexible and malleable in the hands of our God. But in our day, He is building the Church that He wants; He is preparing His Bride.

Vases of Glory

I then saw a vase which had some of the Glory but was not overflowing like the others; it had rings of barbed wire around it. It stood apart from the others and couldn't get close because of the barbs on the wire, which hurt the vase itself as well as the others if they came too close.

I asked the Lord for some secateurs to cut the wire, but He said, "Only the vase itself can shed the wires, but you can destroy them with love." I then saw the Glory in one of the other vases overflowing and forming a cushion around the vase so that it would not be damaged when it drew close to the hurting vase. But I also saw that if a vase was damaged or even pierced by the barbs, the Glory flowed out through the damaged part and melted the barbs on the "sick vase."

As I reflected on this picture during the week, I knew that this is exactly what Jesus has done for me. He has been pierced by my barbs and the Glory has flowed from Him to melt my barbs so that I can be a part of His Church, His Body, and His Bride.

He is building His Church in our day, and we as His vases need to stay malleable in His hands. We as His vases need to be overflowing with His love in order to love others as He has loved us.

Anne ElmerBest-selling Author, Transported by the Lion of Judah Email:

Jesus, I was made for You!!! Please melt ALL barbs from my vessel of clay and fill me with Your liquid gold, Your glory. Overflow me with Your Love, so that I might Love others with Your Love and melt the barbs that keep us apart. We are Your Bride, we are Your Holy jigsaw puzzle. Form us together the way You will! I love you, Jesus!!! In Jesus' name! AMEN!!!


Hands-Free Heart said...

Beautiful and encouraging!

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Thanks, Hands-Free Heart!
Bless you!!! :)

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What a beautiful image. :) It will stick with my heart for awhile I am certain. Thanks for posting this?