Friday, August 7, 2009

My Personal Times and Seasons Named by Weeks

In one of her past posts, my friend, Lidj, at Crown of Beauty, encouraged her readers to name the weeks. It has been an awesome way to consider what God has revealed through the situations and circumstances in which I find myself or those whose my life connects with on a weekly basis. I share them with you knowing that I am not alone in the trials and triumphs of this earthly life. May my personal times and seasons be a blessing and encouragement to you!

With Much Love...
Beautiful Grace :)

4/4/09 "Spring is a Time for War"

4/11/09 "Be Careful of the Marshy Land"

4/18/09 "Letting the Dream Die"

4/25/09 "Heal the Wounds of Those Who Hurt You"

5/2/09 "Snuff Out the Pilot Light of Fear"

5/9/09 "Stand Up"

5/16/09 "Jesus, Our Protector and Guide"

5/23/09 "The King Desires My Beauty"

5/30/09 "Consider the Heights and Return"

6/6/09 "Hear and Speak: The Message Impacts"

6/13/09 "Harvest the Fruit Grown in the Dark Place"

6/20/09 "Full Circle Faith"

6/27/09 "Abba, Who Are You?"

7/4/09 "Disclosure, The Past Converges With the Present"

7/11/09 "Wearing Glasses of Fear, Idolatry and Jealousy Cause One to See a Distorted Reality"

7/18/09 "Though My Enemies Surround Me, I will Speak Words of Life"

7/25/09 "Trust Me, and I Will Shoot the Arrows"

8/1/09 "Do Not Yield to the Spirit of Man, Only Yield to the Spirit of God"


Crown of Beauty said...

Wow, this is such an insight into what God is doing in your life!

Thanks for sharing this with us.

What an encouragement it is to me, especially, at this time.

As you may have read on my post Beyond Boundaries, I'm here in Manila this week for a special reason.

But just yesterday, I was told that my grandson has not been well, please do pray for him, for health and complete restoration.

I don't want to be distracted from a sense of purpose for my being here. We just continue to trust God for His perfect timing and provision of healing.

Thank you!


Searching for God in the everyday said...

These are beautiful! What a wonderful idea. I am glad I found your blog. I have been encouraged and I thank you for that.