Friday, August 28, 2009

What I Did This Summer

Learned Algebra 2

Algebra, Algebra, Algebra!!!!

Not So Classic's dream come true

Canned zuchinni

Began volunteering at Lifeline

Watched lovely flowers bloom

Spied a blimp as it flew over my house

Marveled at the beauty of Creation

Rejoiced for the Little Blue Metro

Lots of cooking and baking, of course!

Celebrated my Dear Mother's 80th Birthday

Made homemade spaghetti sauce

Cheered Fire in the triathlon

Attended "Burn" Youth Conference

The remainder of my summer was spent eating bon bons with my feet propped up while napping away the day...NOT!!!!

Hope your summer was great!

We're starting school on Monday, yeah, two more years to go!!!

With Much Love...
Beautiful Grace


Classic MaMa said...

Great synopsis of your summer. I might borrow such an idea if I blog soon. :)

I'm impresse with all of the funt hings you've made and canned. Also impresse with your algebraic skills. Not So Classic is very happy. ;)

Maria Matter said...

A fabulously full summer!

Crown of Beauty said...

Loved your summer pics, Algebra, canned zucchinis, distressed cabinets and all!

Just two more years of homeschooling... wow, what a feat!