Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mom Update: Praise Report

Dear Faithful Prayers,

Mom saw two specialists yesterday and received two good reports!!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! The infectious disease doctor gave the order to discontinue IV antibiotics, oral antibiotics, and Mom's PICC line was removed!!!! Oh, Yea!!! The kidney doctor reported that Mom's remaining kidney is stable!!! Oh, Yea!!!! He also decreased one of Mom's blood pressure meds!!!! Oh, Yea!!!

I would ask for continued prayer for Mom as this last incident has left her extremely fatigued, and her gait is unsteady. Her protein level is a little low, so please prayer she is "less picky" about the meat she eats and uses wisdom with her salt intake.

We had a surprise 80th birthday party for Mom on Sunday evening, and I must say it caused life to spring up in her!!!! We took turns blessing Mom by telling a good memory of Mom or of speaking of how her life has impacted us. Our words carry the power of life!!!!!!

I bless you all in the name of Jesus and ask that He would pour Himself out to you today in power and love!!!

All for Jesus,
Beautiful Grace :)


Crown of Beauty said...

Praise God for the power of prayer, and God's doing great in restoring your mom's health.

Yes, the blessing she received from loved ones did much to boost her back to life!

I will continue to pray for her, and for you, and your family.

Tracy Wagman said...

Glad to hear the update. I will keep praying!

Beautiful Grace said...

Thanks to both, Lidj and Tracy for your faithful prayers for my Mom!

Tracy, I am unable to post on your site. Regarding your latest post, please read the prophetic word by Shawn Bolz regarding the stars you mentioned.