Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mom Update: Blessed Assurance

Dear Faithful Prayers,

I just returned from two of Mom's doctor appointments. The first was her pacemaker checkup with the diagnosis of normally functioning pacemaker and normal heart rhythm. Yeah, God!!!

The second checkup was with the infectious disease doctor who "signed Mom off," meaning her leg looks so good that she no longer needs to be followed by them. Yeah, God!!!

Mom started drinking two Boost nutrient shakes a day, and although she still complains of being "peppless," she definitely is getting around much better than before. Yeah, God!!!

She has an appointment with the cardiologist tomorrow, and I am planning to ask to have her blood pressure medication, Norvasc discontinued, as her blood pressure has been running on the low normal side. This may contribute to her fatigue.

Thankfulness bubbles up inside me for not only my Dear, Sweet Mother, but for my awesome earthly Dad who has the gift of making any atmosphere light. I attempted to instruct him on the current style of dress in which an undershirt worn under a top shirt is meant to stick out.

"No way" my Dad replied. I need that shirt tucked in to keep my suspenders from rubbing my skin."

To which I replied, "Suspenders are out of date."

Dad immediately said, "They're (the suspenders) my blessed assurance," as he and mom began singing to the chorus of "Blessed Assurance."

"Blessed assurance, suspenders are mine. Holding my pants up all the day long!!!!"

I just love my parents!!!

Thank You, Jesus!!!! You are Wonderful!!!!

Thank you ALL for praying!!!

With Much Love...


Maria Matter said...

So Beautiful!

love your dad story...too cute!
Have a glorious day!
blessings, Maria

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

What a great sense of humor. My bet is between God's Blessed Assurance, His grace and healing and their wonderful sense of humor, that is what has kept them going all these years. :)
Glad to hear things are going better for you mom.