Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ben Update: Praise Jesus!!!

I stopped at the hospital to see Ben today after church, and he is feeling MUCH BETTER! They're allowing him to eat Italian Ice...Yeah, Jesus!! Ben did not have a fever today and is hungry for chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies (although that wouldn't be a good idea to start off eating with those types of foods, I told him).

He is receiving IV antibiotics, and the doctors are saying (according to Ben) that they want to treat him with antibiotics first to see if that will resolve the infection, if it doesn't totally clear then they will have to surgically go in and clean the infection out, maybe needing to take some of his intestine. NO, to surgery in Jesus name!!! Ben is his old sparkling, get into trouble, joyful self. As I was leaving Bruce, Cassie and Mickayla were coming in to see him. I'm sure more good news is to follow!!!

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Crown of Beauty said...

Thank GOd for the good report, and I continue to pray the infection will clear up real soon.